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Let’s be honest, we’ve all experienced phone rage at some point. It occurs when you call a company and get put on hold for what seems like an eternity, while being forced to listen to the instrumental version of classic rock tunes, or worse, an endless loop of commercials. Equally frustrating is being put in perpetual transfer mode, where there is no escape except to hang up and start over! These experiences do not leave you feeling positive about the company you’re dealing with.

You know this type of interaction is bad for business, but do you know how your company is handling customer calls? Are phones being answered in a timely fashion? Are customers being transferred properly? How long are they on hold, and more importantly, how long are they willing to wait before hanging up?

If your phone system is not collecting and analyzing this data, it’s merely a communication tool—when it could be a strategic asset to your business. Using Brightmetrics Business Intelligence provides invaluable data to help you make informed business decisions to improve customer engagement, as well as employee productivity.

Tap into the Power of Analytics

Brightmetrics makes it easy to tap into the vast amount of data that the Mitel MiVoice Connect (formerly known as ShoreTel ShoreWare 10.1 through Connect ONSITE) system collects. While many other companies can give you basic reporting for your Mitel MiVoice Connect phone system, Brightmetrics delivers the full breadth of data necessary to paint a complete picture of your greatest tool for customer satisfaction. After all, the foundation of your company success is the customer experience, which often begins with a phone call.

The data Brightmetrics gathers from your Mitel MiVoice Connect phone system, can help you build stronger relationships with your customers by enabling you to understand their experience when they reach out to your company. The data can tell you if customers:

  • Get to the right person quickly and on the first try.
  • Are transferred unnecessarily.
  • Are waiting too long on hold.
  • Are disconnecting after a certain time period.

Improve Employee Productivity with Data

Equally important, the data can help you measure your employee productivity as it relates to phone communication. How long does it take for employees to handle a call? What percent of calls are handled on the first touch? With the right metrics, you can identify both poor performers and top performers in your company. Dig deeper into the data, and you’ll be able to quantify what makes an employee a top performer and use that information to help other employees improve their performance. In addition, you can determine areas where you may need to increase staffing levels or where more training could be beneficial.

What is your Mitel data telling you?

If you’re ready to make your phone system smarter and start benefitting from Brightmetrics Business Intelligence, call 616-249-9599 and check out our 21-day free trial!