Millennia Team Updates

A Day in The Life of a WFH Senior Technology Consultant

As the world has changed, readjusted, and begun a return to “the new normal”, Millennia has also been getting used to different things. Whether at home or in the office, our culture and company values have stayed the same. Our Senior Technology Consultant, Jeff, sat down for an interview to talk about how his life has been working from home.
How Do You Begin the Day?
My day hasn’t changed too much since COVID started. I start with email follow ups and any meeting follow ups that weren’t completed from the day before. I put together my daily plan and send out any upcoming meeting reminders for the day. As the day goes on, I work on targeted lists, usually from digital means like text, email, or LinkedIn. I go to my meetings, and attend vendor webinars or other educational sessions, and send out my follow ups before the day ends.
What is Your Favorite Morning Beverage?
Coffee with cream. I need it to function, even before I bring my son to school. And I don’t like travel containers so I always use an open container (which then spills all over the car).
What Does a Typical Work From Home Day Look Like?
I mentioned my typical schedule earlier, but I will try to go out to a library or coffee shop to work for a few hours during the day. I couldn’t during COVID’s peak when everything was closed, but I’ve been …

Is Your Company Equipped to Fight a Cyber Attack?


Cyber criminals are constantly employing new approaches to infiltrate businesses — making security breaches inevitable. That’s why understanding the security landscape, developing a strategy and engaging the right suppliers to help implement or strengthen your customer’s security is so important. Taking these measures will help minimize the impact of any security event that may occur.

Additionally, time is the most precious resource when responding to a threat. The faster you can help your customers recognize and eliminate a threat, the less damage it will do to their business, and the more you will be the hero.

Questions to consider:

What are the biggest security concerns facing your organization and does the staff have the budget and expertise to handle them?
Have you recently conducted any type of security review on your people, processes, or technology?
Have you adopted any cloud-based applications, and if so, are you aware of the risks that have been created?
Is your organization’s information system access limited to authorized users, processes, or devices?
Do you have a contingency plan in case of an emergency?
Is physical access to systems, equipment, and operating environments limited to only authorized individuals?


Does the fireway include modern functions, such as application awareness and network intrusion detection? 
Is anti-virus installed on all endpoint devices? 
What cloud-based security options are available?
What functions (e.g., remote wipe, data encryption, etc.,) should be enabled on mobile devices? 
How is data being controlled, restricted and tracked? 

Millennia Technologies Is Now Part of the RingCentral High-Performing Partner Program

Millennia Technologies, a telecommunications provider for Midwest businesses, has been accepted into the elite RingCentral High-Performing Partner Program at the premium level.

Becoming a RingCentral Premium Partner confirms Millennia’s status as one of RingCentral’s most strategic partners. As a High-Performing Partner, Millennia Technologies now has access to exclusive materials which they can offer to their customers. These include logos, social cards, and other Premium Partner Program information.

Premium Partner status also provides Millennia with customized benefits to offer their customers such as increased training, support and marketing resources.

“We here at Millennia are so pleased to find out we are a High Performing RingCentral Partner and to do it in such a short period of time is impressive! When looking at UCaaS options, with so many to pick from, RingCentral constantly shined and met all of our customer needs,” said Spencer Vereecken, Millennia’s Director of Sales.

With their partnership with RingCentral, Millennia is seeing great customer satisfaction.

“We needed to solve the strategic requirement of having a telephony solution that was not only flexible and stable but brought clear value rather than being a monthly sunk cost. Choosing to partner with Millennia Technologies and RingCentral made these requirements a reality,” said Justin Young, Head IT Operations of Oetiker Group.

Millennia is also very satisfied with their relationship with RingCentral.

“Developing this relationship was easy with such great channel engagement, sales, engineering, product management, and support on the backend. Something we have valued over our 20+ years in the …

Retirement: Robert Bonnell

Congratulations, Rob!
The team at Millennia Technologies is delighted (and very sad) to announce that Robert Bonnell has decided to close his professional chapter as Director of Operations and start his next adventure of retirement.
Rob has been an integral part of Millennia for the past 20 years. First, as an amazing client for 15 of those years and then, an even better Teammate for the last 5 years; providing support for day-to-day operations at Millennia while also helping support our many valued customers and their day to day technical needs.
We are all very sad to see Rob go but wish him all the best in the future and to enjoy your travels in the camper with your wife and family! If you ever had the pleasure of working with Rob, please join us in wishing him a happy retirement!

Get to know the team: Tony Louangrathphithak

Even in the midst everything happening in 2020, the Millennia Technologies team has been growing! We’re proud to introduce our newest team member, Tony Louangrathphithak.
Tony Louangrathphithak
Senior Telecommunications Engineer
What do you like most about your job? Putting a smile on customer’s faces when you help fix their issues.
What does a typical day look like for you? I wake up feed my 2 yorkies “Ace and Mino” then do my morning back stretches on my CHIRP Wheels.
What are you currently working on? Not currently working on it but I am planning to pick back up doing videography soon.
How long have you been in the industry? What is your background? I have been in the Telecommunications industry for over 8 years now. I have a background in Networking as well.
What is your motto or personal mantra? My favorite quote or motto is “The price of greatness is responsibility” – Winston Churchill
What’s your favorite line from a movie? “You’re Killing Me, Smalls!” – The Sandlot
Do you own any pets? If so, we need the details! I have 2 little Yorkies name Ace and Mino. Mino is about 4 years now and Ace is 3 years human years of course. 😊  Their personalities are total opposites of each other like Ying and Yang. Ace is the hyper one, always wanting to play fetch or tug on a rope. While Mino is the more chill and calm one, who just wants to play for a …