3 Ways Unified Communications Maximizes Your Control

With so many phone system options to pick from, it’s difficult to know which one will fully support your business. But you do know one thing: your current phone system no longer meets your company’s changing needs. So you do what any smart business person does – you conduct a thorough assessment of your options. You quickly learn that what you need is a unified communications system that will integrate with your current business applications at a reasonable cost. Most importantly, you want to control how you use, manage and pay for the phone system over the long term while building for the future and enabling an easy migration to the cloud as your business evolves.
If this scenario applies to you, it’s time to consider a unified communications system that gives you total control in three critical ways: 

1. Control Over Custody
Is ownership your preference? If you have a certain comfort level when the assets you buy are sitting under your roof, an onsite phone system will give you complete custody of the equipment. Simply put, you own it. This type of investment creates a future benefit for your business by reducing long-term system costs while increasing the book value of your company. The financial decision of leasing, renting or buying is up to you. A Mitel Connect ONSITE system gives you investment protection while laying the foundation for a later migration to the cloud. You decide how you spend …

Mitel & ShoreTel

As many of you have been made aware, Mitel announced last week that they’ve entered into a definitive agreement to purchase ShoreTel.  This transaction is projected to finalize in the 3rd quarter of 2017.

We’ve had several customers reach out with questions as to how this affects them with their current ShoreTel system along with prospects curious about how this may affect a future or eminent purchase, all great questions.

We’re providing a document from Mitel concerning several of these questions for you to read through. You can access it here.

In short, we feel this is very positive and exciting news.  Between the two companies they will create the 2nd largest Premise/Cloud Manufacturer/Provider in the US giving us a much more robust product set for our customers.  And from everything that’s been disclosed so far, all existing ShoreTel products will remain on the same trajectory.  Any future changes will allow for the best of both products to be merged together in order to create the best possible products for our customers.

As always, we are happy to address any questions you may have so feel free to reach out to us directly at

How ShoreTel Connect Can Make Your Day With Intelligent Voice & Data Solutions

There aren’t enough hours in the day, and sometimes those precious hours are eaten up by, well, life. An important meeting gets hijacked by car trouble, or kids get sick on a day you just can’t be away from the office. Well, with ShoreTel Connect’s intelligent voice and data solutions, you don’t ever have to be away from the office.

When you can’t afford to halt work when obstacles pop up, you need a communication system that will adapt with you and keep you moving forward. With robust features like conferencing and collaboration and flexible mobility between devices, you can stay connected when it matters most.

Find out all the ways Millennia, as a Midwest ShoreTel provider can take you through your day, no matter what life throws at you.
Late to work? Don’t miss the meeting.
Don’t let a faulty alarm ruin that early morning meeting. When life throws you behind, stay ahead with ShoreTel Connect’s conferencing and collaboration tools. The calendar feature will remind you of upcoming meetings and allow you to join a conference right from your mobile phone. Share a presentation by pulling from Dropbox and hit the mark without leaving your bedroom.

On the Move? Stay Connected.
Whether you’re bouncing back and forth between your desk and a coworker’s desk, or you’re running kids to school or managing car trouble, with ShoreTel Connect, you’re not anchored to one spot. With one click, you can transfer a call from your desk phone to your personal mobile …

ShoreTel Now Offers Google Chrome App

ShoreTel, one of the world’s leading VoIP and unified communications solutions provider, has launched an integrated solution that aims to deliver the unified communications experience across ShoreTel Connect, G suite, and Google Chrome. This integrated solution for the Chrome web browser will let you save time and eliminate duplicate work.

Now, you can join a ShoreTel conference bridge, view the contact’s presence, and place and accept calls via Google Chrome’s ShoreTel Connect browser extension. This extension for chrome browser is available for both on-site and cloud users in the US and Canada.

Benefits of using ShoreTel Connect for chrome browser
Easy contact search: Now, you can merge Google and ShoreTel contacts in a single list for ease of search and reference. By using Connect’s extension, you’ll have all your contacts in a single place with no more than just a press of a few buttons.

Quick integration: ShoreTel’s Connect extension integrates with Google Chrome in just a matter of seconds. Just install the extension from Chrome Web Store to get the system up and running and receive new functionalities as they’re released.

Improve productivity: Thanks to integrated call control, users will now be able to place and accept calls on the fly, schedule and join events, and view presence from the web browser itself without having to switch between multiple screens.

No extra costs: Connect is available for chrome browser with Essentials, Standard, or Advanced service and product plans at no extra cost. This browser extension not only aims to solve your …

ShoreTel and The Boston Red Sox

ShoreTel and Millennia would like to welcome the Boston Red Sox to the world of Unified Communications. Yes, the 115-year-old baseball team based in Boston, Massachusetts, has chosen ShoreTel’s IP-PBX solution with integrated unified communications to carry forward the team’s communication systems.

This decision came after the organization felt that their existing telephony services, provided by Avaya, was starting to show their age with mounting costs of maintenance and failing reliability.

The club chose ShoreTel after deciding to explore modern telephony features to not only boost communications for staff but also improve their productivity and communication with the fans.
Why ShoreTel?
At the heart of the decision made by the Red Sox, there was a desire to shift towards a system that provides easy to manage solutions with little intervention from IT. So, the company began evaluating services offered by different vendors from the perspective of front office personnel, sales teams, season ticket holders, and even baseball scouting personnel.

ShoreTel eventually emerged as the ultimate choice because at the core of their design is a distributed architecture that is capable of delivering extremely secure network features across a multisite environment.

The telephony company’s key advantage aligned with the club’s desire to have easy-to-manage unified communications systems, and so this deal came to be. Brian Shield, vice president of IT for the Boston Red Sox said, “The goal for our new systems of communication is to improve efficiency and employee productivity, simplify maintenance, and reduce costs.”

He further went on to …

The Features of ShoreTel for Call Centers

When it comes to business phone systems, very few companies can compare to the finesse of ShoreTel. Backed by a reliable uptime of more than ninety-nine percent, ShoreTel’s phone system is available in both on-premise and cloud hosted options. This means you can get all the tools needed to run a thriving call center, without spending a fortune.Here are just a few of the features that make ShoreTel’s phone systems worth considering for your call center.

Multiple deployment options: Since it’s available both on-premise and in a cloud-hosted solution, small and medium-sized businesses can now take advantage of a wide variety of amazing tools but with multiple pricing options.

Both options have their perks: the on-premise option gives you complete control over system maintenance while the cloud-based option lets ShoreTel work on the backend.

Call center packages: Stop worrying about purchasing individual phone systems for your business and call center needs. Get a complete solution with ShoreTel’s call center package. With features such as call recording and call history, to 3-way conference calling and voicemail to text conversion, you get it all with one, simple platform.

The package also gives you excellent integration options to partner up with otherpopular CRM programs including, NetSuite, Salesforce, Zen Desk, Microsoft Dynamics, and more.

Excellent customer service: ShoreTel doesn’t focus on “customer service,” but focuses on a broader term, “customer experience.” This means the support staff of the company takes a personal interest in your problems and provides you with cutting edge troubleshooting techniques …

Introducing ShoreTel Summit

When it comes to business success, quick and efficient communication plays an integral part that cannot be ignored. This means the standards are set very high when it comes to choosing the right telephone provider as communication through a versatile platform ensures that the employees can work together while being connected to customers.

ShoreTel has been providing all in one communication solutions and platforms for many years, so they are experts in facilitating business communication. One such revolutionary platform recently launched by the company is ShoreTel Summit, a true CpaaS solution for developing voice and SMS apps.

What are the features of ShoreTel Summit?
This development platform makes it easy for anyone to seamlessly create SMS and voice appsas the infrastructure and maintenance are already taken care of. This allows you to focus on creating “the next big thing” instead of getting tied down managing the backend.

Summit is made by developers for developers making it extremely user-friendly. The app contains features that will help you excel and that are, likely, exlusive to this platform.


The Summit Editor Web IDE lets the user deploy the development process with just a few clicks. They can also use the Sublime Text package to make all the resources available locally so that they can be deployed as easy as a push of a button.
The app simulator of Summit makes it simpler to conduct pre-deployment testing as it eliminates the need of ever picking up the phone. All the user has …

The Feature-Rich ShoreTel Connect Platform

Tired of outdated phone systems that don’t work as hard as you do? To keep your business going, you need employees who collaborate easily, will work with your CRM and ERP, be flexible and help you get stuff done. So, if your phone system were a prospective employee, would it make the cut or be fired before the end of the first week? Your phone system should function like an ideal employee. If you work with ShoreTel Connect, it can.

Check out the resume and find out if ShoreTel Connect should be your next hire.
What is ShoreTel Connect?
The ShoreTel Connect platform is an intuitive user interface that utilizes either an onsite, cloud or hybrid combination for seamless business communications. This engineering changes how businesses communicate with a new collaborative experience that focuses on uniting groups through their individual preferences. Companies can gain flexibility, mobility, and customer information through enhanced collaboration with employees, partners, and customers. All while lowering IT expenses.

This state-of-the-art solution works to simplify the way IT deploys, scales, secures and manages the phone system. The structure is designed to help companies grow and scale as their business needs change.
Connect’s features include:

Allows you to communicate according to your individual preferences with enhanced collaboration tools offering instant messaging, web and audio conferencing, desktop sharing, and point-to-point video
Can take your conversations from an IM, to a call, to an online meeting, to a web desktop share with or without video – with a single …

Millennia Technologies at The ShoreTelOne Conference

Millennia Technologies had the opportunity to attend the ShoreTelOne conference in Kissimmee, Florida at the Gaylord Palms Hotel and Resort December 5-8, 2016. The conference allowed for us to gain an enhanced understanding of new disruptive technology and the IP Telephony systems we implement. The conference served as an opportunity to learn more about future integrations, suggested verticals, and more about what is working when it comes to serving our customers the best way possible.

ShoreTelOne Conference Highlights:

With well over a 1,000 attendees, the ShoreTelOne Conference was a booming success.

Attendees learned about:

Strategic alignment opportunities with ShoreTel solutions
Networking with ShoreTel executives, industry analysts, customers, etc.
New ways to add value for customers
Actionable ideas for growing businesses into 2017 and beyond

Keynotes and Breakout Sessions  
The breakout sessions were hosted by ShoreTel reps speaking about specific verticals, new opportunities, disruptive technology and much more.

Attendees were privileged to listen to the CEO of ShoreTel, Don Joos, CMO, Mark Roberts, Senior VP, Eugenia Corrales, and even Guy Kawasaki, formerly of Apple, who gave a terrific speech on The Art of Innovation. The host for our keynotes was comedian Scott Bloom, which never allowed for a dull moment even between keynote speakers. The final night, ShoreTel hosted a 3 Doors Down concert where we had a chance to listen to some classic old jams, like Kryptonite.


Verticals and Technology

The $12B Disconnect in Healthcare which touched on the average 23% patient no-shows that take place in the U.S. and …

Millennia Technologies is Growing!

Here at Millennia Technologies, we have been excited about the growth and changes our organization has experienced recently. And we’re so thrilled about what’s happening that we’d love to share some of the exciting details with you!

As our partnership with ShoreTel has grown, our President saw opportunities for expansion in our technical and support side of the business. These changes are made to better service our loyal customers as our business continues to respond to our growth. Here are some of our staffing additions and product upgrades that are currently taking place:
New Director of Engineering and Technical Services (E&TS)
Robert Bonnell joins us with over two decades of experience as a technical director for one of the largest Orthopaedic private practices in the Mid-West, which was also among our first customers at Millennia Technologies. And in addition to 36 years of IT experience from both the customer and vendor perspective, he brings managerial, team development, and process improvement experience to our growing organization. Having been a ShoreTel customer for over 15 years, he also brings a unique customer advocacy perspective to the Millennia Technologies team.
Other E&TS Additions

Kim Taylor – Customer Advocate / Tier 1 support
Jamie Cushman, PMP – Project Manager


And the majority of our entire E&TS team has one or more ShoreTel certifications.

Millennia Technologies would also like to welcome back Sr. Telecommunications Systems Engineer, Becky Emerick! Becky has 6 IT Certifications and we are delighted to have such a talented individual back …