6 Tips to Improve WLAN Security

Businesses today are increasingly concerned about the security of their company data and information.  This concern continues to grow considering the demands of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and the mobile workforce accessing company information from seemingly anywhere. However, with the right safety precautions in place within the wireless WLAN infrastructure, businesses can rest assured their private company information stays just that, private.

Here are some important steps you can take to ensure optimum security:
Tip #1: Set Administrator Controls
The router or access point on your network should require an administrator password to modify or change any settings. Changing to a custom password should be the first step after setting up a new WLAN infrastructure. Never leave the equipment on the default password setting.
Tip #2: Keep the SSID Private
A Service Set Identifier (SSID) is usually automatically broadcasted with the networks name for anyone trying to access area wireless networks. Although it may seem like a convenient way for everyone to identify your network to gain access, it puts your organization at risk for unauthorized guests to get on it. Turning off the SSID makes it invisible to neighboring businesses and guests.
Tip #3: Turn Off Remote Administration Abilities
Routers have remote administration controls that can be used with just an internet connection. Although a convenient way to gain access to the network offsite, it should be used only with specifically identified IP addresses to prevent unauthorized access. Another good tip is to keep …

Our Trusted Millennia Partners: Meet our Friends at Meru Networks

There is no secret that today there is a rapidly growing number of mobile users who are demanding the same type of quality-of-service (QOS) that they would expect if they were connected through a wired connection. Because of this high demand, companies are seeking solutions that offer them unlimited connectivity, speed, and security. That is why Millennia Technologies has partnered with Meru Networks to provide this seamless connectivity.

Who Is Meru?

Meru’s vision focuses on an all-wireless world. They understand that network edges shouldn’t need wires and that a wireless LAN should support the enterprise. They build reliable wireless networks so it is as easy as possible to access all application and content that is needed to conduct business. Additionally, they ensure that IT managers are empowered with everything they need to prepare and assist with the network through mobile applications. This is all done through a unique network architecture that’s free from any client-control limitations. Everything Meru does has mobility in mind.

Solution Provider

Meru creates wireless LANs that are designed for the environments where there’s high-density traffic being generated by critical business applications. IT managers today are finding wireless networks demanding and not capable of meeting their needs because they were designed for lower traffic. High-bandwidth applications are now demanding more and more of the resources. Scaling up old networks to accommodate the needs of the traffic coming from the main location and remote sites has become daunting and difficult, so …