2016 Predictions for the Telecommunications Industry

Believe it or not, we are about to embark on the last month of 2015. It’s the time when we begin to look ahead and determine the changes and shifts we will need to make within our businesses for the next year. In the world of telecommunications, the changes that take place within our industry are vast and fast-moving. At Millennia Technologies, we enjoy keeping up-to-date on the latest in wireless solutions within the telecommunications industry, so we know how to shift and adapt our business to them.  Because of this, we thought we’d share some of the trends and predictions our industry will likely begin to see in 2016:
More Mobile Than Ever
As if we thought the telecommunications industry couldn’t get any more mobile, it appears there is still some room for improvement. It’s predicted that into 2016, we will see continued expansion of applications and tools that allow us to interact with each other even more effectively through our mobile devices, home-based electronics, and even with our automotive tools. Many are calling this idea “the digital mesh.” And although many wireless solutions are now ultimately connected to the back-end applications through a variety of networks, as 2016 goes on we should begin to see more connectivity models as well as enhanced cooperation between devices.
Smart Machines
Machines will be made more intelligent because they will be programmed to understand current concepts as well as how to learn new ones.  With …

Unified Communications: 4 Challenges and How to Overcome Them

The 4 Most Common Obstacles of UC Implementation

The implementation of a Unified Communications (UC) system is becoming increasingly popular for companies of all sizes. Organizations realize these technologies can reduce costs, streamline processes and enhance productivity. These system changes can not only improve the business operations in-house, but also with offsite employees who need to collaborate and connect to various systems in order to work effectively at other sites or mobile locations.

Typically though, no massive system change from a desk phone over to a softphone is viewed as an easy task for businesses. When changing what has become a force of habit for day-to-day business tasks, there may be some growing pains. However, most of these obstacles are manageable as long as proper preparation occurs.

In order to best prepare for the possible concerns with a UC change over, let’s evaluate the most common obstacles:

Obstacle #1 Resistance Giving Up Established Systems

Let’s be honest, sometimes it’s just nice to do things the way we’ve always done them. Many employees feel this way about their phone systems. However, with the proper training program implemented regarding the features and benefits of the new system, the transition becomes more accepted and understood.

Obstacle #2 Financial Concerns

Although UC systems are often a much less expensive option than traditional phone systems of the past, they still require an investment. About 73% of companies with $5,000 or more employees report that cost is an issue for implementing a new system. This concern is partially …