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“This is the era of the customer.” You’ve probably been hearing that phrase a lot lately. Among other things, it refers to increased customer expectations regarding service and communications. The customer experience has never been more important, and contact centers play an important role in that overall experience.

Although customers typically begin their service journey with an automated system, when that fails (which it does when the support issue is too complex), customers want to talk to a real person. For instance, did you know…

  • Automated Telephone Systems (IVR) and the inability to reach a live person for support is the number one complaint from customers. According to Microsoft’s 2017 State of Global Customer Service Report, 34% of U.S. respondents found this the most frustrating aspect of the customer service experience.
  • The survey also revealed that 44% of people in the U.S. still prefer phone or voice as their primary customer service channel. That’s 21% higher than any other channel available, with live chat coming in second at 23%.
  • The global cloud-based contact center market is expected to grow from $6.8 billion to $93 billion by 2022!
  • Despite advancements in call-back technology, telecom, airlines and retailers were listed as some of the worst offenders for putting customers on hold and not offering call backs.


Most importantly, studies indicate that customer experience is rapidly becoming the main differentiator for customers when choosing between companies to do business with. Many industry experts note that the future of the customer contact center lies in successfully merging Artificial Intelligence, bots and service agents – offering a seamless, customer-focused experience.

Using Data to Improve the Contact Center Customer Experience

Customer contact centers typically come with a unique set of challenges. It can be a complicated balancing act to maximize customer satisfaction, while, at the same time, controlling costs. The key to performing this amazing feat is accurate, relevant data.

Brightmetrics Business Intelligence can help you make informed decisions to improve the customer experience, while keeping costs under control. Using Brightmetrics makes it easy to tap into the vast amount of complex data that is aggregated within the contact center application to drive the success of your call center.

For instance, Brightmetrics enables contact center intelligence in four key areas:

  1. Customer Satisfaction – Uncover metrics that show what your true customer call center experience is like from the customer’s view.
  2. Staffing Levels – Where do you need to increase your staff? Where can you make cuts or shifts for better results?
  3. Employee Productivity – Discover employees who excel and why, then replicate their behavior in other, less productive team members.
  4. Employee Training – Answer questions about which employees need training and the types of coaching that would be most beneficial.


By using the power of Brightmetrics Contact Center Analytics to gain insights, you can turn your Mitel system into the ultimate enterprise contact center business intelligence resource! Brightmetrics is the only tool available that accesses true data analytics and helps you directly drive the success of your customer call center. In short, you get the full breadth of data necessary to make informed business decisions in a single pane of glass, with the opportunity to manipulate the data in a way that makes it easy to find exactly the data you need.

Improving Customer Relationships Begins with Information

The foundation of contact center success is the customer experience, and it’s the customer experience that can make or break relationships. The first step in improving and building customer relationships is knowing what those experiences are. When customers reach your contact center:

  • Do they get to the right person quickly and on the first try?
  • Are they transferred unnecessarily?
  • How long do they wait on hold, and more importantly, how long are they willing to wait?


The answer to these questions and more lies in the data Brightmetrics gathers from your contact center system. This information is vital to the contact center manager in order to identify problems early and quickly implement improvements.

Isn’t it time to get a complete picture of one of your greatest tools for customer satisfaction? To learn how you can maximize customer satisfaction while controlling costs with Brightmetrics Business Intelligence, call 616-249-9599 and ask about our 21-day free trial!