Smart Data Solutions: Combating Common Data Security Threats

Data security continues to be a growing concern among businesses today – both large and small.  Rightfully so, with 43% of businesses reporting they have experienced some form of security or data breach within the last year. However, despite the risks involved, a majority of organizations still don’t have a data solution system in place to protect their sensitive company information and systems.

So what can you do to start the process of ensuring that you aren’t becoming one of those impacted businesses? It begins with understanding what causes these attacks and preparing your business accordingly.
Risk #1: Former Employees
One of the biggest security threats against business security today is its employees. Disgruntled former staff (especially those with IT controls) pose a tremendous risk against the security and confidentiality of company information. In order to prevent malicious attacks from those with access to data centers and administrational information, there must be a policy in place that monitors and controls all privileged accounts. Additionally, this process should ensure all former employees are immediately terminated from company systems and data access points. Make this one of the first courses of action after an employee leaves the organization.
Risk #2: Current Employees
Beyond former employees, there are also employees who may be uninformed or careless about how to protect the organization from a security breach. More specifically, they may use weak passwords or keep their devices unlocked frequently – putting the company at significant risk if lost or …

5 Tips for Better Team Collaboration

Being a part of a group of people who are putting their minds together to accomplish something amazing is a pretty inspiring experience. For the most part, the more minds you have on a project the more successful it will become. So, it makes sense to try to create that environment at your business, because who doesn’t want to have amazing ideas and collaborations that help result in profitability? But how do you create this collaborative mindset at your company?

Here are a few tips to help ignite a collaborative business environment:
Collaboration Tip #1: Build a Creative Atmosphere
When you look around at your business, does it motivate you to greatness? If not, create the spaces where team members feel encouraged to brainstorm comfortably. Also, promote a positive and dedicated attitude in every aspect of your collaborative discussions. Challenge and discuss ideas with a mindset that isn’t judgmental, but driven by a team-wide goal of creating the best possible results.
Collaboration Tip #2: Set Expectations
Set the expectation at your organization that collaboration is a standard process. Establish who will be in charge of each aspect as well as what the expected results are. In the end, all team members should understand that they take responsibility for all positive outcomes of the collaboration.
Collaboration Tip #3: Identify Individual Strengths
Your business is filled with a variety of people that bring a wealth of different skill sets, education, and passions to your organization. Seize those individualized …

Mitel Communicator: How User Interface Can Improve Productivity

When making a change in your phone system, there’s a lot that goes on. From hardware changes to technical adjustments to making sure all employees understand exactly how to use all the features and functionality, it can be a big undertaking. One thing you don’t want to be concerned about is not being able to understand how to navigate the user interface once you get it up and running. Nothing hinders employee productivity and communication than when they don’t know how to use their phone system. But when researching phone systems, how do you know if the design will be both easy-to-use AND powerful?

Here are a few things to look for:
Simplicity is Key
During your research process of phone systems, have a professional walk you through the main features of the user interface. With phone system solutions like Mitel Communicator, you are able to customize this interface to include the features that are important to your business. The interface should be simple and easy to navigate, but also highly intuitive and fully integrated for unified communications.
Simple, but Powerful too
One of the main reasons people are changing phone systems over to VOIP technology is to experience the many benefits of instant access from virtually anywhere. Because of this, a quality phone system should support both Windows and Mac users through a single interface with instant access from a smartphone, computer, tablet or desktop. It should also integrate with an email client like Outlook to ensure you have …

How Mitel Communicator Can Improve Team Communication

Team communication is critical to the success of any business, so it makes sense that you would want to give your team every advantage. The Mitel Communicator, call manager software that integrates with Mitel communication systems, may be just the advantage you need.
What is the Mitel Communicator?
Mitel Communicator is the unified communications interface that works with Mitel Premise systems to streamline all user communications across your company. Accessible from virtually any internet-enabled devices, for many users, Mitel communicator becomes their first stop for any type of communication.
How Does Mitel Communicator Improve Teams?
There are a few ways that this user-friendly interface can actually improve how teams communicate and collaborate effectively.
Works Across Devices & Platforms
Mitel Communicator is available as a web application via your favorite web browser, as a desktop application, and on a majority of mobile devices. Switching to a new phone system can often mean a learning curve towards full utilization, but because devices remain the same and the interface so simple, users are able to get up to speed almost immediately.
Intelligent Calling
One of the best ways to nurture great team communication is to allow team members to communicate on their own terms. Mitel Communicator allows users to decide how to route their calls based on who is calling them. That means they can send team calls directly to their cell phones when they’re away from the office while salespeople go to voicemail. That means less time returning important calls, and less time dealing with …

A Complete Guide to Mitel Communicator

If you are expanding your business or taking your company global, you probably know you will need the right type of communication systems to make productivity and growth happen.  You also know you will need a simple, but robust communications system so your employees can conduct business quickly and efficiently, no matter where they are.  After weeding through the massive amounts of options available, many companies are finding Mitel Communicator to be the most convenient solution to meet those needs.
Enhanced Features
There are a number of reasons why the solution makes sense for so many businesses. First and foremost, it’s available for multiple operating systems and is integrated into the on-premises telephone solution to provide enhanced call-handling features.

Some of these enhanced features include:

Desktop Sharing
Contact Center
Enhanced Mobility Features

Reduce Workload
Offering has a single-user structure which creates security for the entire system in case of a switch failure. Because of it’s architecture, the system provides 99.99% reliability simply “Out of the Box”, equating to roughly 5 minutes of downtime per year. With N+1 strategy added, the reliability increases to 99.99999% which equates to roughly 3 seconds of downtime/year. 

Additionally, because of it’s simplistic design, the training required for use isn’t overwhelming or time-consuming. The flexible controls streamline communications, making the system easy to manage and maintain. Because of these features, the IT workload is reduced because there’s just a single application needing support with no additional server maintenance.
Boost Productivity with Directory …