A Complete Guide to Mitel Communicator

A Complete Guide to Mitel Communicator

If you are expanding your business or taking your company global, you probably know you will need the right type of communication systems to make productivity and growth happen.  You also know you will need a simple, but robust communications system so your employees can conduct business quickly and efficiently, no matter where they are.  After weeding through the massive amounts of options available, many companies are finding Mitel Communicator to be the most convenient solution to meet those needs.

Enhanced Features

There are a number of reasons why the solution makes sense for so many businesses. First and foremost, it’s available for multiple operating systems and is integrated into the on-premises telephone solution to provide enhanced call-handling features.

Some of these enhanced features include:

  • Messaging
  • Conferencing
  • Desktop Sharing
  • Video
  • Contact Center
  • Enhanced Mobility Features


Reduce Workload

Offering has a single-user structure which creates security for the entire system in case of a switch failure. Because of it’s architecture, the system provides 99.99% reliability simply “Out of the Box”, equating to roughly 5 minutes of downtime per year. With N+1 strategy added, the reliability increases to 99.99999% which equates to roughly 3 seconds of downtime/year. 

Additionally, because of it’s simplistic design, the training required for use isn’t overwhelming or time-consuming. The flexible controls streamline communications, making the system easy to manage and maintain. Because of these features, the IT workload is reduced because there’s just a single application needing support with no additional server maintenance.

Boost Productivity with Directory Access

The system provides users with instant access to the online directories or Microsoft Outlook to start a call or Instant Message as quickly as one click. Mitel Communicator offers immediate access to frequently used communication tools so you can get more done, quickly.

Outlook Integration

The Mitel Communicator Microsoft Outlook feature allows users the ability to manage their voicemail and contacts through a set of functional and productivity-enhancing options. Users are able to connect and control the call handling features for meetings and appointments using the Outlook application.

Additional Mitel Communicator Features:

  • Phone and IM provide users with a variety of communication tools.
  • Call routing controls including who’s calling, call times, and call-handling modes.
  • Ringtone options for unique callers.
  • Any Windows-based computer can become a softphone, enhancing mobility options.
  • Rapid Call Routing allows specific users’ the ability to transfer calls quickly with the“drag and drop” options.  Calls can be noted and flagged for importance.
  • Streamlined Video system reduces the amount of time employees require travel for meetings. The system provides a one click webcam feature providing high-quality video conferencing.


Additional Access Levels

The Mitel Communicator solution also comes equipped with a variety of controllable access levels to create additional convenience for users of all business levels. These access levels include:

Personal: A standard feature offering remote call controls, IM, visual voicemail and other inbound routing options.

Professional: This advanced feature utilizes a softphone, high-quality video, and customizable call handling.

Workgroup Agent: This access includes the ability for automatic call distribution. Users can also view calls in the queue, log-in, and access team mailboxes.

Workgroup Supervisor:  Gives supervisors access to monitor, coach, and interrupt calls.

Operator: Provides features like busy call appearance and automatic call pick-up.

Mitel works to create business phone systems with collaboration and mobility in mind. To find out how you can take the next step toward a phone system that is powerful and brilliantly simple, contact the trusted team at Millennia Technologies.