Smart Data Solutions: Combating Common Data Security Threats

Smart Data Solutions: Combating Common Data Security Threats

Data security continues to be a growing concern among businesses today – both large and small.  Rightfully so, with 43% of businesses reporting they have experienced some form of security or data breach within the last year. However, despite the risks involved, a majority of organizations still don’t have a data solution system in place to protect their sensitive company information and systems.

So what can you do to start the process of ensuring that you aren’t becoming one of those impacted businesses? It begins with understanding what causes these attacks and preparing your business accordingly.

Risk #1: Former Employees

One of the biggest security threats against business security today is its employees. Disgruntled former staff (especially those with IT controls) pose a tremendous risk against the security and confidentiality of company information. In order to prevent malicious attacks from those with access to data centers and administrational information, there must be a policy in place that monitors and controls all privileged accounts. Additionally, this process should ensure all former employees are immediately terminated from company systems and data access points. Make this one of the first courses of action after an employee leaves the organization.

Risk #2: Current Employees

Beyond former employees, there are also employees who may be uninformed or careless about how to protect the organization from a security breach. More specifically, they may use weak passwords or keep their devices unlocked frequently – putting the company at significant risk if lost or stolen. To change these bad employee habits, smart data solutions should be enforced through a series of ongoing employee training sessions. These sessions provide the organization with the opportunity to teach about strong password practices and encryption as well as concerns like keylogging scams and phishing – which may be security issues they might be completely unaware of.

Risk #3: BYOD

The process of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has many organizations concerned that their critical company information is simply walking right out of the building in the pockets of their staff. In a recent study, mobile data breaches impacted 68% of all global organizations last year.  However, if proper safe holds are put in place, BYOD poses less threats against the business. To prevent unauthorized exposure to the corporate network, a BYOD policy should be implemented. These policies are then distributed to all employees so they are aware of what is expected as well as what’s being monitored on their devices. When monitoring policies and practices are put in place, it provides the business with visibility into any mobile data loss, which can pinpoint the exact location of any security exposure taking place.

Another smart data solution to help combat BYOD security concerns is the implementation of a hybrid cloud structure partnered with Mitel Connect. These systems offer capacity and elasticity of a public cloud for devices and data but come with added reliability through on-site encryption keys that allow you to manage applications and mobile devices throughout the business.

Our team at Millennia Technologies cares about the protection of your sensitive business information. If you want to learn how we can implement a Mitel communications solution that enhances your business security processes and procedures, don’t hesitate to contact us today.