How Mitel Communicator Can Improve Team Communication

How Mitel Communicator Can Improve Team Communication

Team communication is critical to the success of any business, so it makes sense that you would want to give your team every advantage. The Mitel Communicator, call manager software that integrates with Mitel communication systems, may be just the advantage you need.

What is the Mitel Communicator?

Mitel Communicator is the unified communications interface that works with Mitel Premise systems to streamline all user communications across your company. Accessible from virtually any internet-enabled devices, for many users, Mitel communicator becomes their first stop for any type of communication.

How Does Mitel Communicator Improve Teams?

There are a few ways that this user-friendly interface can actually improve how teams communicate and collaborate effectively.

Works Across Devices & Platforms

Mitel Communicator is available as a web application via your favorite web browser, as a desktop application, and on a majority of mobile devices. Switching to a new phone system can often mean a learning curve towards full utilization, but because devices remain the same and the interface so simple, users are able to get up to speed almost immediately.

Intelligent Calling

One of the best ways to nurture great team communication is to allow team members to communicate on their own terms. Mitel Communicator allows users to decide how to route their calls based on who is calling them. That means they can send team calls directly to their cell phones when they’re away from the office while salespeople go to voicemail. That means less time returning important calls, and less time dealing with the unimportant ones.

Easy Remote Access

Now more than ever, teams can be spread across an entire state, continent, or even collaborate from opposite sides of the globe. Mitel Communicator ensures that no matter what time zone someone is in, they can take calls and send messages just like they were at the home office. This means it’s easier to manage remote employees and ensure their productivity while in turn making it easier for remote employees to get their job done effectively.

Improves Communication Efficiency

According to one Harvard Business Review article, a successful team should exchange about a dozen communications per working hour when they’re collaborating. While communication is certainly necessary, you want these messages and exchanges to be as efficient as possible. Mitel communicator allows users to send instant messages, emails, and even initiate phone calls with just one click. When team members can connect that fast, they can say what they need to say and get quickly back to work.

Of course team communication issues can go far beyond the technology being used. But Mitel Communicator is a step in the right direction for any team struggling to get the message across.