Mitel Communicator: How User Interface Can Improve Productivity

Mitel Communicator: How User Interface Can Improve Productivity

When making a change in your phone system, there’s a lot that goes on. From hardware changes to technical adjustments to making sure all employees understand exactly how to use all the features and functionality, it can be a big undertaking. One thing you don’t want to be concerned about is not being able to understand how to navigate the user interface once you get it up and running. Nothing hinders employee productivity and communication than when they don’t know how to use their phone system. But when researching phone systems, how do you know if the design will be both easy-to-use AND powerful?

Here are a few things to look for:

Simplicity is Key

During your research process of phone systems, have a professional walk you through the main features of the user interface. With phone system solutions like Mitel Communicator, you are able to customize this interface to include the features that are important to your business. The interface should be simple and easy to navigate, but also highly intuitive and fully integrated for unified communications.

Simple, but Powerful too

One of the main reasons people are changing phone systems over to VOIP technology is to experience the many benefits of instant access from virtually anywhere. Because of this, a quality phone system should support both Windows and Mac users through a single interface with instant access from a smartphone, computer, tablet or desktop. It should also integrate with an email client like Outlook to ensure you have access to visual voicemail, routing capabilities and access to call notes.

Unified Interface = More Time for Actual Communication

When systems are robust, perform properly and are easy-to-use, more work gets done quickly which enhances productivity and worker satisfaction. It also opens up opportunities for actual discussions and collaboration that may have otherwise been impossible. Scheduling video conferences, real-time chats and instant access to documents and information are just some of the conveniences that can improve communication and free up time for other projects or activities.

How Mitel Communicator Can Help

At Millennia Technologies, we understand there are a lot of options in the phone system market today. However, we believe the user interface found within our Mitel line of phone systems is the leader in providing powerful but simplistic services through it’s seamless access to features and functionalities of the system. Not to mention it’s an affordable option for businesses today. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about Mitel Communicator and how we can put its simplistic power to work for you.