Mitel Sky

An All-In-One Cloud Solution

The Mitel Sky software, data center, and customer service center are built for optimal functionality. Offering a worry-free and managed phone system, this prevents IT staff from spending their valuable time managing and changing settings. Mitel Sky also streamlines administration with easy-to-use call flows and predictable monthly invoices.


The Mitel Sky collaboration and conferencing tools keep business information flowing without delay, simply invite people onto your conference line at any time. Instant messaging makes communication faster than email and also provides immediate access to a coworker’s current status information. Enhance your engagement with peer-to-peer video from any distance. Use the call recording options to keep conversations for quality control and accuracy. BYOD-Enabled
Mitel Sky makes your personal phone your professional line in an instant. Remain professional while using your personal phone for business use, without ever giving out your personal mobile number again. Easy four-digit dialing enables you to call coworkers at their extension quickly and easily right from a mobile device. Simply integrate Sky with your CRM to track customer contracts as if you were at your desktop. And the peer-to-peer video keeps you in touch regardless of location.

Mitel Sky is a cloud phone system offering superior business intelligence. The Advanced Application integrations help you drive process performance effectively for your business. CRM, ATS and ERP applications are easy to integrate with phone system data to help you increase your investment possibilities. Plan your business strategies smarter with optimization features that allow you to evaluate staffing levels, employee performance, and spending. Respond faster with Sky Fax, allowing you to use email for sending and receiving faxed documents. Lastly, stay connected and multitask with the voice to text functionality.

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