About Meru

If you want high performance, reliability and operational simplicity, Meru is your answer. With Meru WLAN you can:

  • Manage the capacity demands of BYOD, cloud services, IoT, voice, video and other mobile applications.
  • Deliver consistent, high-quality mobile services, so network users can work productively.
  • Integrate and manage third-party network hardware and software, increasing IT agility.
  • Ensure business applications run reliably over the network, delivering predictable access.


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Access Points

Meru access points offer plug-and-play deployment, wireless connectivity as well as superior reliability and predictability. These access points support applications ranging from simple data transfer to voice and video conferencing. All access points are designed to be used in a diverse range of settings, ranging from stadiums, hotels, hospitals, classrooms and lecture halls. They are available for various density environments and flexible deployment modes, allowing them to be configured according to their environment and expected usage. Learn more about the many benefits you can experience with a wireless access point here.


Meru wireless controllers are optimized to offer reliable, high-performing, predictable, and highly resilient wireless traffic across all client devices and access points. It allows you to meet all enterprise level mission-critical demands for wireless connectivity for large, medium, and small deployments. Learn more about how you can benefit from Meru’s wireless controllers here. 


We know you want robust software applications that make managing your wireless network easy. Meru offers software with the security you need as well as easy implementation of employee mobility (BYOD) practices. The Meru solution works with both wireless and wired access of sensitive data through PCI compliance, policy enforcement, and intrusion prevention.


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