Why Your Startup Should Be In The Cloud

Why Your Startup Should Be In The Cloud

Very few startups have the luxury of starting out big. After all, funding comes rolling in only when the startup has proven itself to have profit potential. Think of all the multinational enterprises like Facebook, Google, Apple, etc. – all of them started from a garage and went on to become global phenomenon’s worth millions!

If you happen to run a startup company, team coordination and communication is vital. But how do you effectively communicate with your team members when there is no office space to unite them together? This is where cloud technology can come into play.

If you didn’t know already, startups and cloud phones are a huge thing now! And rightly so because of all the benefits this technology provides. Keep on reading to learn why your new business should use cloud technology. Pronto!

Why should you adopt cloud?

There has perhaps been no startup that didn’t benefit from simple and effective communication. Communication is now at the core of every modern business, and it needs the functions of the latest technology to grow.

Startups that utilize features of VoIP have the upper hand because they can reap the benefits of things that expand far beyond making and receiving calls. From instant messaging to video conferencing; from auto call response to voice to text conversion, the benefits offered by this technology are abundant.

These IP PBX phone systems can allow growing businesses to overcome multiple obstacles via an all-in-one solution that even costs less than other competitive systems.

Benefits of cloud for startups

Some of the competitive advantages a startup can get from secured unified communications 2017 are

1. More mobility: The concept of remote working is a rage these days as increasing number of employees are opting to work from home. With employees becoming more mobile, startups are utilizing cloud phone systems to keep the entire workforce connected. They can make and receive calls anytime, use multiple devices, and get all the necessary data from one single platform.

2. Better scalability: Unlike traditional phones, the cloud systems offer the advantage of seamlessly adapting to an organization’s ever-changing needs. You can hire employees from around the world, set up virtual offices, and scale without causing any disruption to your existing operations. There is no need to restructure systems because everything on the cloud is virtual.

3. Improved CRM: The collaboration tools that come with cloud-based phone systems help cloud startups manage their customer relationships better. When your company is on the cloud, the sales team can use the benefits of additional customer information in real-time and build stronger relationships in the long run. Features like call waiting, call forwarding, call recording, music on hold, etc. all contribute towards greater customer satisfaction.

4. More speed: In the cutthroat world of startups, you must continually outpace your competition to stay alive. So, finding ways to improve productivity is essential to stay one step ahead. Collaboration tools such as instant messaging, video conferencing, etc. can streamline workflow and make decision making an easier process.

5. Reduced costs: Cloud phone systems not only make operations simpler but also significantly bring down various costs. This is vital for cash-strapped startups as it helps them maximize their budget efficiency. Companies only pay for the services they need and nothing more, period.


The primary goal of startups should be to innovate without compromising on core values. Cloud systems can make innovations come to life a little bit easier. So go ahead and check it out before your competitors take the lead.