Why VoIP and Credit Unions Work So Well Together

Why VoIP and Credit Unions Work So Well Together

The credit union industry is rapidly expanding, which brings them to the need of being increasingly dependent on technology. VoIP can now offer remarkable features, and thus credit unions and the financial industry are starting to see how they stand to benefit by its utility.

No, it’s not just about better prices, scalability, and improved resiliency; it’s about many other features that VoIP brings to the plate that can truly make a business take off. So, what are the benefits of introducing a VoIP solution to credit unions?

Why VoIP solutions and credit unions work so well together

VoIP is maturing, and most of its initial problems have been rectified, making this technology ideal to implement for various industries. Businesses, like credit unions, require a high level of security and additional features apart from just regular phone calls at cheap rates.

Here are some of the excellent features that VoIP telephony offers

1. Voice to text: There can literally be dozens of instances where you may benefit from transcribing voicemails into text. Just think about it; a loud office environment, lack of time, and need for greater efficiency can all be reasons why one should prefer voice to text service. Luckily with VoIP solution, Voice to Text comes as a built-in feature.

Thanks to this technology, all your voicemails can be transcribed into text automatically and sent directly to your mail inbox. It can even help you save time by reading you the voicemails left on the telephone. Think of it as sort of having a personal assistant keeping your company.

2. Call jump: Call jumps are a great feature to have in office scenarios where there is always a real sense of rush and people have responsibilities outside of their desk. This feature will allow you to transfer a call from one office telephone to another or even to a cell phone while you’re in the middle of a call so that your priorities remain unhindered.

With just a simple press of a button, you can transfer the call from the office phone to your cell phone and be on your way to the next big meeting.

3. Simultaneous ring: Making and receiving calls are both equally crucial parts of running any business. If you’ve ever experienced the feeling of being held hostage to someone else’s whims and fancies, then you probably know how it feels to wait for a call that never comes and still manages to take up all your time.

With Simultaneous ring, you can save a lot of precious time by making multiple calls at the same time without feeling overburdened.

4. Integrated business intelligence: Mitel integrations with advanced CRM, call accounting and ERP applications amplify business process effectiveness by giving service reps quick access to account history and transaction information.

Whether you chose an on-premises or hosted IP phone solution, Millennia Technologies’ VoIP Solutions help increase revenue by providing top-level sales and service, while helping decrease expenses through dramatically reduced system maintenance expenses, least-cost routing, and reduced travel costs due to improved communications performance.