Who Should You Call for Onsite Telephony?

Who Should You Call for Onsite Telephony?

Who Should You Call for Onsite Telephony?

With today’s mass migration to the cloud, it can be easy to overlook the advantages of an onsite phone (on-premises) system, which includes control, cost savings over time, lower costs to expand and the ability to choose SIP trunk providers for lower cost calls. Cloud-based phone systems (hosted VoIP) are great for many small businesses and some unique situations, but for mid-sized and larger companies or call center operations, hospitality services or companies that experience heavy call volumes and need a greater number of lines (trunks), an onsite is typically a better choice.

However, with so many choices available for business phone and unified communications systems, it can be challenging to choose a provider that’s best for your business. To help you with this task, we’ve compiled some reviews, including the top pick according to Eastern Management’s Group’s global survey of 3,500 IT managers regarding on-premises and hosted PBX solutions.

Mitel Receives Highest Ranking

The April 2019 report ranked Mitel highest in mid-market was named best in purchase experience, installation, support, management tools, contact center, and value. The company credits its success to its dedication to “exceeding customer expectations from end-to-end and across all touchpoints.” Mitel offers businesses of all sizes a broad portfolio of public cloud, private cloud, and onsite communications solutions.

The full report “Premised and Hosted PBX Customer Satisfaction Report 2018 Major Provider Assessments by IT Manager Customers” is available for purchase at https://easternmanagement.com/Our-Services/Customer-Satisfaction.aspx

More Great Choices

Although not ranked at the top of the list, there are obviously other options.  We can help you investigate these alternative onsite systems: