What Makes Mitel a Good Fit for Small Business?

What Makes Mitel a Good Fit for Small Business?

Small businesses today are all different and unique in their ways. When shopping for a new phone system, each element of the business’s communication process becomes a factor in that decision. There are so many things to consider – VoIP or POTS? Cloud, hosted, or hybrid? And what about mobile compatibility? It can seem overwhelming right from the start. The good news is, we’re the experts on Mitel in Grand Rapids, and we can help narrow down the options within the Mitel products to help you see how it can be a perfectly customizable solution.

So, what makes Mitel a good fit for many small businesses? Here are a few key elements:

Simplistic Design

With options from cloud, onsite, and hybrid solutions, the Mitel platforms are leading the industry in customer satisfaction and low cost of ownership, which is appealing to most busy and cost-conscious small business owners. These communication systems meet the highest standards with regard to reliability, application integration, mobility, collaboration offerings, and applications. The idea is to provide an easy-to-use tool that gives employees the power to work faster and more conveniently from any location and on any device.

Choices, Choices

With Mitel Connect, you can choose if you want to deploy your IP phone system onsite, in the cloud with the Mitel data center, or use a hybrid combination of both. Whatever the decision, the solutions are designed to scale, grow, and change as business needs shift. You can also buy or subscribe to only the business solutions you need right now, without the risk of losing a big investment if needs change in the future.

End-to-End Integration

From the phones to the operations center to software and applications, the Mitel systems offer an “all-in-one” solution with the goal to remove worry and headache. When the system is set up, it’s integrated with business-critical processes, workflows, CRM, and other business-related applications so you have immediate access to company data and information.


With modular architecture and N+1 redundancy, Mitel provides flexibility to deploy an IP phone system in whatever configuration needed. That means your business can still operate efficiently even if a part of the network is experiencing an outage. Many small businesses see this as just the peace of mind they need.

The Bottom Line

Cost savings is a key element for small businesses. So, rather than deploying a circuit-switch type of network, Mitel systems use software and the Internet to connect. Whether it’s a cloud or hosted system, another service provider becomes responsible for owning, managing, and configuring the service. All of these elements combined help to lower costs and better meet the needs of growing small businesses today.