VoIP Solutions for Small Business: The Hybrid Cloud

VoIP Solutions for Small Business: The Hybrid Cloud

Driving innovation with greater control and security, the hybrid cloud is slowly changing the face of VoIP solutions for small businesses. A small business today can reap immense benefits with this more robust communication solution that not only gives you the scalability and speed of public cloud, but also arms you with the ultrafast performance of dedicated servers.

What is the Hybrid Cloud?

A hybrid cloud is not a place, but a model that prioritizes speed and efficiency across the public, private, and dedicated cloud environments, offering the greatest flexibility possible. While the on premises and cloud-based deployments are the standard stand-alone options, hybrid deployments are meant for businesses of all sizes as it combines best of both worlds to suit a growing organization.

Simply put, the hybrid cloud offers the perfect solution for every problem without the user having to abandon the established organization systems.

What are the Benefits of Hybrid Cloud?

  1. Your company can experience cost-savings because the system is a more affordable alternative.
  2. Better service, even if you have a large-scale centralized corporate office in multiple, geographically dispersed locations.
  3. Make the best use of cell phone redirecting, digital call forwarding, extension monitoring, intercom service, and call recording.
  4. Better manage and secure data applications regardless of their platform and cloud location.
  5. Get continuous availability, infinite capacity, and have lower expenditure on storage without needing to buy more infrastructure.

Additional Benefits

The in-house component of the hybrid cloud also has the advantage of being under your IT department’s direct control. Your company’s own decision makers can tailor the hardware and network architecture to your unique needs, rather than relying on a public provider’s preset packages. This allows significantly more security and privacy than exclusive use of a public cloud.

The public element of your hybrid cloud offers essential benefits as well. In-house infrastructure, especially at the small business level, cannot compete with the scalability of the public cloud platform. A hosted VoIP allows you to add new users to the phone system as needed. This is a cost-effective way to add new accounts, such as seasonal or remote workers. Additionally, the hybrid cloud solutions offered by providers like Mitel include customer service support to minimize IT operational impact during seasons with an increased workload.

The Hybrid Cloud Transition

A wealth of VoIP solutions for small business are available in today’s rapidly evolving technology marketplace. IT decision makers must weigh each option carefully before selecting the phone system that works for their company.  A hybrid cloud is ideal for a business to take advantage of the benefits of public and private phone systems.

These are just a few of the reasons you should love the hybrid cloud. It is one of the most flexible and customizable VoIP solutions for small business. So, explore your options today and discover what a hybrid cloud can do for your company.