VoIP Michigan Options: Why Work with a Michigan-Based Mitel Provider?

VoIP Michigan Options: Why Work with a Michigan-Based Mitel Provider?

Small business leaders understand that just because an integrated system is easier to use doesn’t mean there’s lower quality technology backing up the system. In fact, the opposite is true. The highest technology available today is applied to fully integrate computer and communications technology for a user-friendly and comprehensive communications experience.

For an example, what if you wanted to only be contacted by email messages after 9 pm every night? When using Millennia and Mitel Michigan’s unified communications technologies, you can have everything from faxes to voice mail converted to email communications. This system uniquely unites your VoIP and computer systems in a simple format, where you can decide to switch to all text messages on your cell when you take the family out to the park, and you’ll never miss an urgent client email again.

Expand the Advantages

Just some of the features available allow you to communicate directly from their address books, receive client, customer, or patient history or updates on their PC screens just as a call from that person is coming in. It might be surprising how quickly the magic of that convenience becomes routine.

This unified communications system also assists your clients by finding you wherever you are – when you want them to – a feature that truly enhances the entire company’s ability respond and communicate effectively.

Cost efficiency is improved as well. When a small business has to upgrade by installing a new phone system, the initial upfront cost can be staggering. Through our Millennia and Mitel Michigan provider team, you can have a cloud-hosted VoIP Michigan system called Mitel Sky. This solution does not require an outright purchase to increase your company’s visibility or flexibility.

You can see the power behind this relationship already, but this is just the beginning of the greater solutions that Millennia and Mitel provide to meet the needs of Michigan residents. Using the technologies provided by this dynamic partnership between Millennia and Mitel Michigan, IP-based solutions do not require a new system, so your on-going operating costs will, in fact, be reduced significantly. This is a benefit to a small business that needs to compete by operating as efficiently and responsively as big businesses can, but without the big corporate budget.

In addition to applying solutions that improve your delivery of customer service and developing an edge over your competition, you are now helping your employees interact as well as effectively positioning yourself as an informed, responsive leader.

Better Technology Invites New Talent to Your Team

Once you’ve demonstrated for yourself and your employees the many ways to streamline communications activities, your can confidently demonstrate to a new generation of talent exactly how your technology meets their needs. New hires will sign with your company when you impress them with your list of hard and soft benefits they get from the tools you provide them to get their jobs done!

Consider this example:

Your day begins with an unexpected sales opportunity. You remember that your lead sales manager told you yesterday that this morning was busy for him, but your weren’t in a place where you could jot down his location details. You try his desk but he didn’t leave his location on his message. Next, you try his cell but there’s no answer.

With a unified communications system like the Mitel provider and Millennia team offers, system capabilities like “The Presence” rapidly changes everything. The system auto-locates your key personnel, like your top sales guy, in one singular step. “Click to Call” connects the two of you instantly, in whichever manner he can be reached at that particular moment. The system finds him on his PC, laptop, cell text, instant messaging on his notepad, email – whatever he is doing.

From that instant point of contact, you have any number of options, working together with your top sales guy, the system will set you both up on a conference call “on the fly” using all the contact info it has to connect you with the key players on the other end of this urgent opportunity. The system can share your drafted proposal from his laptop with all the conference call. People and revisions, suggestions, and updates can be made on the spot with everyone in agreement.

Unified communication relieves frustration on all sides. Working with the solutions Millennia and Mitel Michigan has to offer, every employee becomes aware of the immeasurable business changes that yield positive impact.