VOIP: A Smarter Choice

VOIP: A Smarter Choice

You’ve been hearing for awhile now that Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is something every business today should evaluate. You know it’s been said to increase productivity and reduce costs for businesses. But what exactly makes the service able to provide all these voice solutions so easily?

The process of how it works is quite simple, the service allows users to make calls using the Internet instead of using a conventional phone system or analog phone lines. It converts the sound into a digital voice communication and then transfers it through the Internet connection. This is done by breaking down the voice stream into packets, those packets are then compressed and sent over the Internet to the destination. After the packets are uncompressed and put back together, the other party receives the message. This may sound like a long process, but it is rapid and seemless with the proper bandwidth connection.

Here’s number of reasons why it’s simply a smarter choice for businesses today:

1. Cost Savings

VoIP is much less expensive than implementing comparable services over analog connections. The first and most noticable cost savings comes with the lack of additional costs to add or install new phone lines. The equipment will hook directly into the broadband network, making changing and adding lines convenient and easy. The change virtually eliminates phone line costs, long distance fees and lowers the amount of IT services needed to add or install new services. The phone system equipment hooks right into the network, which also typically come with service rates that are very competitive and cost-effective.

2. Increased Security

The service can be enabled with an encrypted VPN connection for additional security protection. Secured software can also be installed on mobile devices as well, so employees are always reachable from a “work” connection, even if they’re not at the office.

3. Mobility

That leads us to the next benefit, mobility. Internet voice solutions create convenience for companies looking to conduct business quickly and easily from across the office to all over the world. With just a broadband connection, an employee can log into their telephone and get a dial tone.  Regardless of location, if there’s an Internet connection, work is possible without any additional costs and connections required. The system can also be used via email as well, using a headset or an IP phone clients and other employees are instantly within reach.

4. Additional Functionality

The benefits stretch beyond just telephone calls as well, features like videoconferencing are another great benefit of smart VoIP services. Employees can stay connected with other staff members and clients to meet about important deals, meetings, documents, agendas, and any other business-related item, no matter where they are.

At Millennia Technologies, we understand how to make a VoIP change happen effectively for businesses. Along with the many features and benefits offered through the Mitel line of IP phone systems, we are able to bring cost-savings, mobility and functionality to businesses looking to make a smarter choice with their phone system. Contact us today to see how we can being the process of implementing a smart VoIP solution at your business.