Using Mitel Communicator to Improve Business Communications

Using Mitel Communicator to Improve Business Communications

When it comes to operating in the current century, businesses are only able to get ahead if they are able to move and work as efficiently as possible. Not only are there countless ways to accomplish this with technology, but by tapping into the power of processes and systems these new technologies can create. One thing is for certain, however, when it comes to using something like a Mitel Communicator, there’s a tremendous amount of efficiency created at every step of the operation. Some of the following examples best demonstrate how a plethora of businesses are benefiting from using Mitel Communicator:

1. Boost Productivity and Teamwork Flexibility
In any organization, if decisions need to be made or people need to find answers and authorization for any reason, there is no time to delay. The Mitel Communicator provides actual solutions for communication lapses that are both quick and efficient. From instant messaging service and the ability to transfer voicemail right to text or email, you’ll never miss a message. Additionally, call routing services are convenient and easy-to-use with a few simple clicks.

2. Conferencing Tools
Face-to-face communication is always best, but when that isn’t possible, the next best thing is video conferencing. With a Mitel system, you are able to have secured and instant access to anyone with just a few clicks.

3. Convenience Matters
With the mounting business needs of today, the ability to turn any smart device or computer into a communication tool is a key component of getting the most out of your new system. Instead of dealing with multiple devices to transfer a single piece of information, you can use the system to call, review, and transfer information all from the same screen. This not only makes it more convenient for the entire organization to exchange important business information, but the system also provides specialized settings for managers or decision-makers to create customized access controls where they can communicate, track, and complete projects with far less hassle and confusion.

4. Focusing on Compatibility 
In today’s mobile world, compatibility is key. Solutions should be working together to enhance customer experience. For example, when a customer dials in, the Communicator and a compatible CRM product work together, pulling the customer information right up on the screen when the call comes in.

A Mitel solution allows you to keep a strong focus on the future so you can be confident in your organization’s ability to communicate effectively, increase productivity and grow the business.