Upgrade Your Phone System to Reduce Risk of Cyberattacks

Upgrade Your Phone System to Reduce Risk of Cyberattacks

Just like technology itself, cyberattacks have been evolving. In the past, cyber criminals targeted mainly company databases and connected devices, or simple, remotely controlled tech that is connected to company networks, such as building controls and security cameras. While these attacks still make up almost two-thirds of all hacking attempts, the past year has shown a shift in what is being targeted by cyber crime. With remote desktops and private communication channels in hacker’s scopes, now is the time to be proactive with your company’s cyber securityand upgrade your phone system to a hosted VoIP solution.


Hackers Exploit Any Weakness

Your business probably already uses traditional cyber security measures such as firewalls and malware protection software, but more and more, these defenses aren’t enough to deal with new threats. Recent wide-reaching attacks such as WannaCry and Petya ransomware took advantage of vulnerabilities in Windows operating systems that hadn’t been updated to the latest version. In fact, non-current versions of operating systems and software are how a lot of malware gains purchase into computer systems.

While making sure that everything is up-to-date on your company computers seems like a simple enough task, it becomes harder when you think about all the software and applications you use every day. Not to mention, keeping drivers, apps and software updated is only the tip of the cyber security iceberg. For IT professionals and departments, performing cyber security tasks can be a full-time job, and can be sidelined for maintenance jobs, tech training, and other IT responsibilities.

If your phone system is connected to your business network, whether it be a landline or an on-premise VoIP, it could be a gap in your company’s cyber security armor. While the everyday person may not see a desk phone as an entry point into your company’s data, cyber criminals are always looking for new opportunities.


Hosted VoIP is Vigilant

When you upgrade your phone system to a hosted VoIP system, not only are you getting all the benefits of an internet telephony solution, you’re also getting protection from industry security professionals 24/7. Hosted VoIP providers maintain the required hardware and private branch exchanges (PBX) in their own data centers, and because their focus is on providing quality, uninterrupted phone service to their clients, they are capable of devoting far greater resources to security than most businesses can do on their own. Providers are proactive in protecting all cloud-based operations, and handle things like software and operating system updates behind the scenes.

hosted VoIP solution won’t protect all the data in your company, but it is a significant defense against the rising number of non-traditional cyberattacks. Staying ahead of the curve with cloud-based services is one of the best ways to combat the rapidly evolving capabilities of cyber criminals, and when we already know which way hacking attempts are trending for 2018, making moves to be proactive about cyber security now can help prevent catastrophe later.


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