Unified Communication for Your Startup

Unified Communication for Your Startup

Startups are innovative. They find success by solving a common problem with a not-so-common solution. So, it’s only fair that they would strive to provide an innovative experience for their customers. But, there are many things that often hold startups back from offering advanced solutions in every aspect of their business. They are often low on funds, lack a professional office space and don’t have mass amounts of resources at their disposal to take advantage of when issues arise.

So, the tools they do use and invest in, like those meant to help them communicate with each other and their customers, need to work as hard as they do. Intelligent voice and data solutions as part of unified communications can offer that.

hosted VoIP solution for startups can connect employees, is backed by expertise, can help them communicate with their customers and each other, and has the capacity to grow when needed.

VoIP offers a communication solution that is scalable and mobile, just like most startups.

Beyond the Phone

While many startups stick with cell phones to save money, this means offering personal numbers to customers, and many just aren’t willing to do that. And, a hosted VoIP solution offers more than simply the ability to make phone calls. Intelligent voice & data solutions mean call processing but also video conferencing, instant messaging, mobility, online collaboration and more.

A unified communication system allows startups to take a simple phone and turn it into a complete communication center while staying true to their budgets.


Startups are often comprised of one or two people struggling to do the job of ten or more people. It takes hard work, a lot of coffee, and all the extra support they can get in order for startups to fully service their customers. Unified communications can help with that. Typically backed by a team of experts, whatever a startup doesn’t know, a VoIP expert will. When entrepreneurs are struggling for an answer, and time, they can simply initiate a face-to-face conversation with an advisor in real time.

Bring the Team Together

Many startup teams are spread out, working from home, other states, or even across the country. Collaboration can be difficult, but it’s always key for a company to succeed. A unified communication solution makes in-person meetings possible even when the team is spread out. Utilize video chat, virtual sharing, instant messaging and never let space slow you down.

Stay Within Budget

For cash-strapped startups relying on loans, investors and crowd-funding, the less money spent, the better. A cloud-based communication system allows you to only pay for the services you need with no upfront costs. No need to buy a phone or equipment which means no IT team needed. The ability to add services as you grow, add lines and users, makes this solution as scalable as your business.

Don’t let a lack of communication slow your startup down. Grow, thrive and serve your customers with a unified communication solution.