Top Cloud Trends 2017

Top Cloud Trends 2017

There is no doubt that cloud computing has helped many enterprises transform themselves over the last half a decade. But according to experts, this technology is preparing to enter its second wave, beginning around 2017.

Both private and public cloud services hosted and built in corporate data centers will drastically change, and so will the experience of users in the wake of these VoIP trends of 2017. The market of cloud voip will accelerate even faster in the upcoming year as businesses are now seeking more efficiency to scale their resources better in order to serve customers.

As companies with big data centers, huge budgets, and complex applications look into the cloud as a viable platform to run core business applications, the future seems more than just bright.

Top cloud trends to look for in 2017

Forrester released some cloud computing predictions for the upcoming year that will dramatically change this technology and how businesses are affected by it. Keep reading this article to know more.

1. Buyers will save money in many ways

Forget pay-per-use; the New Year is expected to be a revolutionary time period for cloud computing that would make this technology reach out to a greater audience. More businesses will be able to afford cloud voip as the services become more cost-efficient and more diverse to suit specific business models.

2. Expensive private cloud suites will go on a decline

It is expected that more and more enterprises will eventually shun large and costly private cloud software suites and welcome more affordable options. As the business environment gets increasingly digitalized, companies will be not only looking for affordable solutions to provide greater customer service but also shifting towards smaller service providers who offer more affordable rates. At Millennia we have carrier services and help our customers to finds the most cost-effective solution every time.

3. Cloud migration will become easier

One of the reasons more enterprises will jump into incorporating cloud technology is because migration will become much easier. Even if integrating cloud services with existing infrastructure is easy now, many businesses have doubts in the migratory process that eventually keeps them from joining the bandwagon. This will change soon.

Mitel Connect Cloud makes it much easier for businesses to migrate their infrastructure to a cloud-based model.

4. More security features will be introduced

Providers of cloud service will incorporate more security features into their offerings to match the needs of every business and their requirements. Despite many precautionary measures, reports of a breach of security aren’t an uncommon event in this field, which is likely about to change in the upcoming year.

Additional security will not only improve the network features of the business and protection of data but also boost the reputation of the service provider if they stay true to their word.

5. Enterprise apps will become available to public cloud

Another significant change that we are about to witness among cloud trends, 2017 involves more and more complex business apps coming to the public cloud. This is set to be a bold step in a direction that would simplify management of cloud computing for both the service providers and users. As providers become more comfortable posting crucial software in public cloud, the cost of this service will drop, which in turn would bring more businesses to this platform.

6. China-based firms will help lead the cloud revolution

As usual, China is one step ahead of the rest of the globe, and it is expected that Chinese companies will be the ones driving the cloud revolution. From directly impacting custom CRMs to changing the overall development and integration of cloud VoIP, the ways in which cloud will get affected are endless and we here at Millennia always have our eyes on what’s the latest and greatest in Cloud Technology.