The Biggest Mistake Companies Make When They Move Offices

The Biggest Mistake Companies Make When They Move Offices

Have you planned everything out for your next office move? Though you’ve doubtless planned your office spaces, acquired new furniture, and notified your customers, there’s one area that many companies consistently ignore — technology. Your organization’s technology needs are likely the backbone of your operations, but the old adage applies: Out of sight, out of mind. You may not have appropriately planned out your space for your tech, and that’s a mistake that could come back to haunt you later.

Checking Wiring

Not all buildings are already wired for the services that you need. Just because a building has Internet service does not mean that it has the connectivity to support high-speed Internet access and VoIP, for instance; you could find yourself investing thousands of dollars in simply getting access to your property. When building out the interior, it’s also easy to forget where the network cables and wiring will need to be run. Each office will need its own telecommunications outlets, and the server room itself will need to be compensated for. Make sure that you’ve created a wiring diagram and ensured that the wiring is available to your unit before you commit to your floor plans.

Getting Utility Quotes

Don’t just assume that services are there — they either may not be available or the cost could be prohibitively high. Getting competing quotes is of critical importance when calculating the cost of moving into a new space. One space may seem more affordable but have a far higher utility cost related to telecommunications and Internet services. Even if you’re going to be working with the same provider, different counties can have separate rates and surcharges. Internet service provider and telecommunications prices tend to be highly local and based on the infrastructure in the area, so you may not even have the same type of services. Getting quotes will help you head off any of these issues before you’ve committed to a new space.

Prioritizing Connectivity

How important is connectivity to your business operations? Some businesses simply need basic telephone and Internet services; other businesses manage almost all of their core operations through the Internet. Even if a great deal of work is done interoffice, if cloud services or external servers are involved, the entire network will rely upon the speed and consistency of your Internet service. When changing offices, many companies prioritize things such as location, rent, parking space and maintenance. These are all extremely important; you just need to determine where technology and connectivity fit in. Is it more important to get an affordable space? Or is it more important to have a reliable connection?

Technology is a major consideration for nearly every business today. Your organization’s technology will have an undeniable impact on it day-to-day, so it merits careful planning. By making a list of your current technical needs and assets, you can ensure that your next location will be able to fulfill your requirements before committing to a new lease or purchase.