The Apps That Help You Stay Connected

The Apps That Help You Stay Connected

The way teams work is changing. Remote work and mobile offices can make it hard to stay productive and stay in touch. But every day new apps and programs are released that are designed to help us be productive, stay connected and get more done. These are just a few of those apps.


These project management tools help your team stay connected, productive and on task. Both let you assign tasks and subtasks, tracking a project from start to finish. Assign certain tasks, leave comments, add files and connect with those outside your organization. Which one you use is up to to you, and there are even more to choose from, but a project management tool is a must for collaboration.


Evernote is note-taking on steroids. And every business owner, creative, go-getter and idea man needs a place to take notes. Evernote provides that and more. It’s a space where you can store notes, documents, images and more. And, you can share those notes (or entire notebooks) with the team members you need to collaborate with.


Trello is a project management app that is not only great for working with teams, but can also help organize your personal life. A visual list that lets you drag, drop, upload images and share, Trello gives you an overview of your life.

G Suite

The Cloud, Drive, Docs, Calendar, Gmail; G Suite are all Google apps that make your life easier and make it easier to work together as a team. Share documents, save them to the Cloud and edit them together. G Suite helps your team get on the same page, literally.


Put a stop to unnecessary email flow between teammates and make sure you never miss another message with Slack. For teams above 3 and below 50, Slack is a messaging app that lets you create channels for specific subjects or just chat as a team.


Short for If This Then That, this web-based service lets you create conditional statements that tell the internet to do something, even if you’re not into coding. Tell your blog to post to Facebook every time you publish without adding extra widgets to your blog platform. Change the way you use your phone or device by changing the way you work with the IoT.


Stay focused when it matters. This subscription services uses neuroscience to improve productivity. Choose different music genres and the service personalizes your playlist, skipping over songs you find distracting. It even times your work and tracks your productivity.

Mitel Connect

To stay productive in your communications, you shouldn’t have to switch from app to app, spending valuable time and money just to connect. The Mitel Connect App combines the communication tools you need in one streamlined app. From messaging, calling, and conferencing to holding and recording meetings, Mitel Connect works across all devices and keeps your team connected.


Your employees work better when they have the best tools to work with and you should put as much thought into “hiring” the right tools as you do into hiring your employees. Find out why Mitel should be your next hire by clicking below.