The 5 Best PBX Phone System Features for Businesses

The 5 Best PBX Phone System Features for Businesses

When it comes to using any phone system features for your business, you need to be able to have some of the most powerful features available at your disposal. It comes down to being able to utilize the best possible features at any time to become more efficient. For PBX phone systems, there are certainly a wealth of options available. But what are the most popular features that businesses today love? Here are a four of the favorites:

1. Auto Attendant

With an auto attendant, your receptionist will have more time to work because there’s less time routing and re-routing callers to get them to the right place. The service points callers to the right extension or person by navigating them through a simple set of recorded options. Doing this means that fewer inbound calls need a live operator, saving the company both time and money.


2. Voicemail Transcription

Voicemail transcription takes your voicemail messages and puts them into text before sending them to you via email or text message. People find this option to be ultra convenient when it may not be an option to pull a phone out and listen to an entire message. If you can see the words written right in front of you, you can respond accordingly when it makes the most sense to do so.


3. Active Call Controls

When you think about the current VOIP options for a new phone system, some of the most powerful options include having the ability to control calls. With monitoring, whispering, barging, and recording options you gain the ability to navigate your calls to your liking.

  • Monitoring: Allows you to simply listen-in to a call
  • Whispering: Allows you to listen-in and break-in when needed
  • Barging: Allows you to join a call whenever you want
  • Recording: Allows you to record an entire call for future reference


4. Cloud-Based Security Features

Gaining some peace of mind is an important benefit of investing in a new phone system. Cloud-based security features that work in connection with your new system are creating the assurance businesses today need. Leading phone systems today allow you to encrypt voice, IM traffic and signaling to keep sensitive information private even when communicating on the internet. These encryption tools provide features like allowing conferences to be set up using one-time access numbers and enhanced password protection.


5. Mobile Call Routing

In today’s business environment, having mobile access from anywhere is more important than ever. Systems today allow both personal and business communications to live on one device, but with separate identities. Inbound calls to the PBX are sent directly to the mobile device, while any outbound calls will appear with the correct business caller ID. Calls also automatically switch between Wi‑Fi and cellular networks depending on the person’s location.