Visual Voicemail

Communication Solutions: Using Visual Voicemail Effectively

Visual voicemail is one of the many communication solutions available today that could make your life a lot easier. It could change the way you work, ease some personal angst, and even make you more efficient. And although it may be a newer communications solution, it’s not a new invention. It’s at times called “voice transcription,” and it is a way to see your messages quickly without having to listen to them.

Visual voicemail is simply a transcribed version of your messages. It’s somewhat an old idea that has finally come of age. Messages are transcribed automatically, and with the push of a button on your phone, you can see the message the caller left. It offers convenience, flexibility and mobility.
How it Works
The visual voicemail service usually works in connection with an application that you download onto your device. You have to subscribe to the service and have a data connection. From that point, your messages are available at the touch of a button. You can see both who called as well as what the message was that they left. You may also respond to the message by text, delete messages and organize them as you wish.
How it’s Useful
Visual voicemail can have a number of useful purposes. It can also allow you to see who called, and even send a response text back while in a meeting without disrupting what’s happening. While you may not be able to call the person right back, you …