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How to Train Your Employees for UC Success

Unified communications can benefit your business operations and move you closer to achieving your goals – which is why so many organizations are investing in better communication and collaboration tools. But without adequate training, your new unified communications tools can turn from a solution to a problem. If you’re thinking about implementing a UC platform in your business, how do you make sure that your employees get the most out of it? The answer is a focus on training.

Here are five things you can do to get your employees up to speed on new communication technology:

1. Get employee input
If you really want your employees to utilize new UC tools to their fullest extent, you’ll need to start before you even begin shopping. In one survey, 77% of employees reported that they weren’t consulted about UC tools before implementation, and 58% weren’t even consulted about the usefulness of the new tools after implementation. But when new communication technology affects the day-to-day lives of everyone in the organization, how do you know if you’re achieving your goals for implementation if you don’t ask?

Depending on the industry that you’re in, your employees may hate making calls, or don’t even know how to send a fax. If people aren’t going to use it, is it worth the investment to implement that tool in the first place? By talking to your employees before and after you implement your UC platform and tools, you can get people on …

4 Video Conference Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

New advancements in video conferencing tools and software has helped businesses improve productivity, efficiencies, and communication with clients and between team members. When location is no longer a barrier to communication, the possibilities for collaboration are endless. But, as with all new technologies, video conferencing can bring certain headaches. We’ve all experienced, or at least have heard of, the dreaded Zoom meeting where an unexpected error occurs and the meeting is painfully cut short.

Technology fails, and when it does, it can cost you business. So, when it matters most, don’t let your video conference fail you or your business. When you invest in the right unified communication solution, you can avoid the following video conference fails.
Fail #1: Forgotten Call-in Numbers or Passcodes
When it’s time to hop on a conference call, it should be a simple process. But some video call services come with lengthy call in numbers or require you to enter a multi digit passcode before you can even enter the meeting. If your clients are on the go, there’s nothing more frustrating than losing the email or invite, or entering the wrong password. Your video conference software should allow you to quickly schedule a video meeting with your client and let multiple users join with a simple click.
Fail #2: Hard to Use equipment
Your video conference software should be easy to use, but all too often, that’s not the case for most business. Bulky video equipment, complicated switch …

How Mitel Connect Can Make Your Day With Intelligent Voice & Data Solutions

There aren’t enough hours in the day, and sometimes those precious hours are eaten up by, well, life. An important meeting gets hijacked by car trouble, or kids get sick on a day you just can’t be away from the office. Well, with Mitel Connect’s intelligent voice and data solutions, you don’t ever have to be away from the office.

When you can’t afford to halt work when obstacles pop up, you need a communication system that will adapt with you and keep you moving forward. With robust features like conferencing and collaboration and flexible mobility between devices, you can stay connected when it matters most.

Find out all the ways Millennia, as a Midwest Mitel provider can take you through your day, no matter what life throws at you.
Late to work? Don’t miss the meeting.
Don’t let a faulty alarm ruin that early morning meeting. When life throws you behind, stay ahead with Mitel Connect’s conferencing and collaboration tools. The calendar feature will remind you of upcoming meetings and allow you to join a conference right from your mobile phone. Share a presentation by pulling from Dropbox and hit the mark without leaving your bedroom.

On the Move? Stay Connected.
Whether you’re bouncing back and forth between your desk and a coworker’s desk, or you’re running kids to school or managing car trouble, with Mitel Connect, you’re not anchored to one spot. With one click, you can transfer a call from your desk phone to your personal mobile …