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Make More Sales With the Right Phone System

In today’s world of smartphones, texting, social media, and even email, it may seem odd to think about your phone system being a source of business revenue. However, the modern-day phone system can be a powerful tool to increase sales as well as productivity when it’s used at its full potential. The more advanced features also allow your sales, marketing and customer service teams work together more effectively.

Some of the features and functionality that can help you accomplish business growth through your phone system are:
CRM Integration
A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that partners with your phone system can save you time as well as prevent careless mistakes that can impact the relationships you have with your customers. For example, if you have a Salesforce phone integration in place, an existing customer will call in and all call identification details then show up on the employee’s screen, along with any details regarding their recent orders or calls. The person answering can then greet the caller by name, and can instantly see all customer history.
Improve Hold Times
Ring grouping and automated call routing minimizes the amount of time your customers are spending on hold. The systems can be organized so the new calls are routed to specific call center phone lines that have been idling for the longest amount of time. Additionally, ring groups can be programmed to ring through to multiple extensions simultaneously or in a sequence so a qualified employee …