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4 Concerns about Hosted VoIP Solutions

Cloud technology is booming, and for all the right reasons. This technology is efficient, scalable, and provides cost-effective storage and communication solutions to businesses. Despite more and more small businesses jumping the gun to adopt VoIP, some business owners just refuse to see its advantages.Their reluctance usually stems from a lack of awareness, coupled with misinformation that they may have gathered from various sources. In this guide, we are going to make an effort to demystify VoIP and present a clear picture of how hosted VoIP solutions can mean profits for the business.

Here are answers to some of the popular questions that small business owners ask about hosted VoIP:
Concerns About Hosted VoIP Solutions
Q. Is cloud communication completely secure?

A. When executives think about switching to a cloud-based communication platform, the first thing that comes to their mind is the possibility of things going wrong. Whether it is outsiders stealing a phone and hacking into their network or eavesdropping and unauthorized international calls, these are some of the risks that can cost a business dearly.

The good news is that sophisticated VoIP phones consist of unique digital signatures built into their firmware. The signatures are restricted and cannot be rewritten, which puts a limit on the capacity of someone hacking the system to eavesdrop or disrupt calls. Moreover, these systems encrypt signaling information that prevents hackers from getting vital details.
Q. Do I have full control over my phone systems?
A. Yes, just because you are opting for hosted …

How Mitel Connect Can Make Your Day With Intelligent Voice & Data Solutions

There aren’t enough hours in the day, and sometimes those precious hours are eaten up by, well, life. An important meeting gets hijacked by car trouble, or kids get sick on a day you just can’t be away from the office. Well, with Mitel Connect’s intelligent voice and data solutions, you don’t ever have to be away from the office.

When you can’t afford to halt work when obstacles pop up, you need a communication system that will adapt with you and keep you moving forward. With robust features like conferencing and collaboration and flexible mobility between devices, you can stay connected when it matters most.

Find out all the ways Millennia, as a Midwest Mitel provider can take you through your day, no matter what life throws at you.
Late to work? Don’t miss the meeting.
Don’t let a faulty alarm ruin that early morning meeting. When life throws you behind, stay ahead with Mitel Connect’s conferencing and collaboration tools. The calendar feature will remind you of upcoming meetings and allow you to join a conference right from your mobile phone. Share a presentation by pulling from Dropbox and hit the mark without leaving your bedroom.

On the Move? Stay Connected.
Whether you’re bouncing back and forth between your desk and a coworker’s desk, or you’re running kids to school or managing car trouble, with Mitel Connect, you’re not anchored to one spot. With one click, you can transfer a call from your desk phone to your personal mobile …

5 Reasons Why a Switch to the Cloud Should Begin with Your Phone System

As an increasing number of businesses are now adopting cloud-based solutions, not being able to do the same may give you the feeling of being left out. Apart from the obvious advantages that a cloud-hosted platform brings to business operations, this solution is also very cost effective, given the right vendor.

If you feel overwhelmed at the thought of the transition of your services to cloud, then it may be helpful to concentrate on one service at a time. Integrating your phone system would be a great way to begin as this segment of business operations is deemed to be relatively simple.

Still need more reasons as to why the switch to the cloud should start with the phone system? Keep on reading to find out.
5 Reasons Why a Switch to the Cloud Should Begin with Your Phone System
1. IT can build internal support for cloud
One of the primary advantages of the cloud-based phone system is that it can be deployed in a controlled manner. This means you get full control of choosing how many employees or workgroups take the benefits of this deployment. As a result, you can put the new phone system to test incrementally before planning for a major scale rollout.

This practice will allow the IT system to work around potential hiccups that may hinder the full-time deployment. Additionally, your employees will also have a good experience with the final rollout and more willing to embrace cloud-based applications in their daily …

The Feature-Rich Mitel Connect Platform

Tired of outdated phone systems that don’t work as hard as you do? To keep your business going, you need employees who collaborate easily, will work with your CRM and ERP, be flexible and help you get stuff done. So, if your phone system were a prospective employee, would it make the cut or be fired before the end of the first week? Your phone system should function like an ideal employee. If you work with Mitel Connect, it can.

Check out the resume and find out if Mitel Connect should be your next hire.
What is Mitel Connect?
The Mitel Connect platform is an intuitive user interface that utilizes either an onsite, cloud or hybrid combination for seamless business communications. This engineering changes how businesses communicate with a new collaborative experience that focuses on uniting groups through their individual preferences. Companies can gain flexibility, mobility, and customer information through enhanced collaboration with employees, partners, and customers. All while lowering IT expenses.

This state-of-the-art solution works to simplify the way IT deploys, scales, secures and manages the phone system. The structure is designed to help companies grow and scale as their business needs change.
Connect’s features include:

Allows you to communicate according to your individual preferences with enhanced collaboration tools offering instant messaging, web and audio conferencing, desktop sharing, and point-to-point video
Can take your conversations from an IM, to a call, to an online meeting, to a web desktop share with or without video – with a single …

Smart Data Solutions: Combating Common Data Security Threats

Data security continues to be a growing concern among businesses today – both large and small.  Rightfully so, with 43% of businesses reporting they have experienced some form of security or data breach within the last year. However, despite the risks involved, a majority of organizations still don’t have a data solution system in place to protect their sensitive company information and systems.

So what can you do to start the process of ensuring that you aren’t becoming one of those impacted businesses? It begins with understanding what causes these attacks and preparing your business accordingly.
Risk #1: Former Employees
One of the biggest security threats against business security today is its employees. Disgruntled former staff (especially those with IT controls) pose a tremendous risk against the security and confidentiality of company information. In order to prevent malicious attacks from those with access to data centers and administrational information, there must be a policy in place that monitors and controls all privileged accounts. Additionally, this process should ensure all former employees are immediately terminated from company systems and data access points. Make this one of the first courses of action after an employee leaves the organization.
Risk #2: Current Employees
Beyond former employees, there are also employees who may be uninformed or careless about how to protect the organization from a security breach. More specifically, they may use weak passwords or keep their devices unlocked frequently – putting the company at significant risk if lost or …