Important Facts About Optical LAN Installation

Optical Local Area Networks are some of the new “buzz words” in the telecommunications industry. Commonly known as “OLAN” or “PON” (Passive Optical Network), these connections are gaining the attention (and sometimes even some raised eyebrows) from many IT professionals. Although extremely simplistic in their structure, these connections come with a list of benefits from their low costs, easy upgradability, as well as user-friendly standardization options.
What Makes an Optical LAN Different?
To deploy a more traditional infrastructure that could support video, voice, and data, it would require the installation and management of multiple networks with different cables, conduits, hardware and network support. This is not only time-consuming but costly as it requires a tremendous amount of energy and space to support the system.

PON allows you the ability to consolidate all your communications into a single network set up that’s easy to install and more cost-efficient to construct and maintain. It’s low maintenance, robust, fast, as well as highly secure. It does so by using optical fibers to support the entire permanent cable.
How Long Does Installation Take and Will it Impact the Office?
An OLAN installation is a less labor-intensive process, but the actual time frame will depend on the needs of your specific business. The good news is that a single optical fiber replaces about 8 other cables. The reduction in cables requires fewer racks and patch panels. Contractors generally report that installing an OLAN system is a relatively simplistic and …

Our Trusted Millennia Partners: Meet our Friends at Meru Networks

There is no secret that today there is a rapidly growing number of mobile users who are demanding the same type of quality-of-service (QOS) that they would expect if they were connected through a wired connection. Because of this high demand, companies are seeking solutions that offer them unlimited connectivity, speed, and security. That is why Millennia Technologies has partnered with Meru Networks to provide this seamless connectivity.

Who Is Meru?

Meru’s vision focuses on an all-wireless world. They understand that network edges shouldn’t need wires and that a wireless LAN should support the enterprise. They build reliable wireless networks so it is as easy as possible to access all application and content that is needed to conduct business. Additionally, they ensure that IT managers are empowered with everything they need to prepare and assist with the network through mobile applications. This is all done through a unique network architecture that’s free from any client-control limitations. Everything Meru does has mobility in mind.

Solution Provider

Meru creates wireless LANs that are designed for the environments where there’s high-density traffic being generated by critical business applications. IT managers today are finding wireless networks demanding and not capable of meeting their needs because they were designed for lower traffic. High-bandwidth applications are now demanding more and more of the resources. Scaling up old networks to accommodate the needs of the traffic coming from the main location and remote sites has become daunting and difficult, so …