Hybrid Cloud

VoIP Solutions for Small Business: The Hybrid Cloud

Driving innovation with greater control and security, the hybrid cloud is slowly changing the face of VoIP solutions for small businesses. A small business today can reap immense benefits with this more robust communication solution that not only gives you the scalability and speed of public cloud, but also arms you with the ultrafast performance of dedicated servers.
What is the Hybrid Cloud?
A hybrid cloud is not a place, but a model that prioritizes speed and efficiency across the public, private, and dedicated cloud environments, offering the greatest flexibility possible. While the on premises and cloud-based deployments are the standard stand-alone options, hybrid deployments are meant for businesses of all sizes as it combines best of both worlds to suit a growing organization.

Simply put, the hybrid cloud offers the perfect solution for every problem without the user having to abandon the established organization systems.
What are the Benefits of Hybrid Cloud?

Your company can experience cost-savings because the system is a more affordable alternative.
Better service, even if you have a large-scale centralized corporate office in multiple, geographically dispersed locations.
Make the best use of cell phone redirecting, digital call forwarding, extension monitoring, intercom service, and call recording.
Better manage and secure data applications regardless of their platform and cloud location.
Get continuous availability, infinite capacity, and have lower expenditure on storage without needing to buy more infrastructure.

Additional Benefits
The in-house component of the hybrid cloud also has the advantage of being under your IT …

What the Rise of Hybrid Cloud Computing Means for Business

The increasing popularity and growth of cloud computing is marked by the expanding number of businesses that have decided to make the transition to a cloud environment. However, a growing number of small businesses today are also discovering the many benefits of a hybrid version of cloud computing.

Based on in-depth research reports that involved two hundred plus CIOs, each of whom manages annual IT budgets in the range of $550 plus million, we see many positive and exciting developments taking place in the IT landscape.
Research From Markets
Additionally, based on complex research data from one of the finest global industry researchers, MarketsandMarkets, the hybrid cloud model shows a high demand that is growing at a compound rate of 27% per year. This rise in the demand for hybrid cloud far surpasses the growth increase of the overall IT market. This trend not only applies to the present, but to future growth as well.
Hybrid Cloud Computing and Data Security
The reasons for this increased interest in the hybrid cloud option are easy to understand from an ROI, convenience, and security perspective, especially for SMBs.

With the rise of hybrid cloud computing, SMBs will be able to rely on the increased stability, flexibility, performance, and improved security. The hybrid cloud is of particular importance when it comes to managing sensitive data security concerns, including governance and compliance issues.

HIPPA is another vertical that mandates a high level of safety requirements adopted by the Secretary of Health and …