Hosted Solution

Is a Hosted VoIP Solution Right For You?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the new standard for voice communications. It offers not just more convenience than analog systems but provides enhanced features like call management, reporting, monitoring, conferencing, messaging and enhanced security features.

What is Hosted VoIP?

Hosted VoIP solutions are structured so the service provider manages and owns the equipment and infrastructure within a private data center. To do so requires the set up of an Integrated Access Device (IAD) like a QoS router as well as any IP phones and all necessary switches. Hosted solutions provide the features and capabilities of an analog system as well as many more. All services are available anywhere with just an internet connection.

What are the Benefits of a Hosted Solution?

Quick and Cost-Effective: Easy to implement, the service also has reduced investment risks. Monthly charges are subscription-based and part of the operating budget. Subscriptions are based on the amount of users or call paths needed.

Monitoring: 24/7 monitoring is standard, so performance remains consistently high.

Advanced Features: With a VoIP solution, small businesses have new access to enterprise-level options and capabilities. New features and functionality are available almost immediately as upgrades are available without upgrade costs and the need to involve any in-house IT resources. It is also easily implemented with unified communications.

Eliminates Hassle: Hosted solutions take you out of the telecom management business. Hassles, costs and headaches of upgrading an on-premise solution are eliminated. This allows IT resources to be allocated to other activities.

Scalable: …