Health Benefits

Don’t Stay Stuck at Your Desk

Modern society has been engineered to keep you sitting down. You sit while you work at the office, you sit when you drive, you sit when you watch TV, and through so many of your day’s activities. We all know and acknowledge that exercise is good for our health, but are you aware that sitting down might be actually killing you?

Sitting has been linked to obesity, heart disease, and even premature death. Thankfully, many workplaces have begun to recognize these negative effects and the value of allowing their team to move around for both health and productivity. Unified communications have significantly simplified the ability of people to communicate “on the go” so that they are never forced to remain sedentary.

Here are some of the ways you can work outside of your cubicle:


1. Take a break to walk around after you finish a task

Every time you get something done at the office, make it a point to stand and move around for a while. Get up, stretch those tight muscles, or even take a lap around the building. If you’re worried about your boss giving you a hard time for taking a break, make use of the instant messaging capabilities of your unified communications 2017 system.

Instant messaging will allow you to keep your projects moving without the need for calling meetings and writing lengthy emails. This is “work while you move and move while you work” in the truest sense.

2. Go out for lunch

You …