How VoIP is Bringing Faxing Back

Most of us can know that annoying and loud sound a fax machine makes to send an important document to another client or business. However, it’s a sound that has diminished significantly from our office environments over the last ten years due to its inconvenience, communication errors, and of course, all the waiting for something to send out.

However, things are now shifting to a new and improved faxing process, all thanks to VoIP technology.

How VoIP is Changing the Game

Even with technological advancements, many businesses find that they still need faxing to send certain types of information, thus making it an unpopular, but necessary item. However, improved technologies have paved the path for a more convenient alternative that works as a fax, but without the bulky equipment, noise, and waiting times.

VoIP technologies partnered with a phone system allows businesses to use fax technology over the Internet. A VoIP solution provides a variety of ways you can send and receive faxes through your phone, tablet, computer, or email. This new functionality means you don’t have to be tied to a physical location where the fax machine sits, which fosters a more productive workforce.

How Does it Work?

With VoIP faxing you still have a fax number and a phone line, but the data is transferred digitally over the Internet. A traditional phone line works using an analog system and tiny electric pulses. A digital fax works by moving the data to a binary format which controls …