Dream Team

Should You Strive to be an All-Star on Your Team?

On the surface, I would answer the question, for sure. But when you really get into it, I think the answers vary. I would suggest we examine the old phrase, “Walk a Mile in My Shoes”, made mainstream in 1970 when Joe Smith and the Believers made it a chart topper. My point of view comes from a seasoned sales representative’s perspective, which is an in evidently a competitive position.

Does your position in the company change the answer to the question? Normally, I would still tend to think everyone on the team should strive to be not only an all-star, but a rock-star. However, when harkening back to my high school days on the diamond, I remember at least a few of my teammates being happy just making the team. These guys were never the ones scoring the winning run or throwing out the guy attempting to tie the game. However, they were important members of the team for several other reasons. They often were the ones you could hear cheering the loudest when our cleanup guy knocked the cover off the ball. Or they would be the first to help warm up the pitchers in the bullpen on the coldest days in early spring. They never complained about not getting equal playing time, and, in fact, helped keep moral great. While not being the traditional definition of an all-stars that does not mean these guys were not all-stars, for …