7 Security Questions You Should Be Asking Your VoIP Provider

As VoIP services continue to advance, more and more businesses are now switching to this cloud-based phone system to experience it’s myriad of benefits. However, the security aspect of this cloud-based system still remains a concern among experts as incidences of fishing scams, phone hacking, and data breaches are still prevalent.

If you’re a business owner planning to switch your organization’s phone system to VoIP, there are some crucial questions regarding security that you must ask a prospective service provider before giving the go-ahead.

1. What protection do they offer against fraud attempts, fishing scams, and toll fraud?
An efficient cloud phone system should provide protection against a wide range of fraud and scam attempts by encrypting traffic using reset default pins. Millennia Technologies frequently runs vulnerability scans to check for attempts at data breach or other security threats. They also have a Security Response Team to respond to suspected breaches and mitigate the risks immediately.
2. How do they handle a DNS attack?
In a DNS attack, hundreds and thousands of hacked computers spam their targets with data requests, forcing the server to eventually crash. A professional VoIP vendor should use a combination of firewalls, redundant servers, and continuous monitoring to ensure none of their servers get clogged.
3. Do they comply with federal guidelines?
Don’t sign up for a VoIP service unless you have checked their credentials and compliance with the required federal security guidelines. A reputable service provider like Millennia Technologies complies with all the necessary standards and provides the highest …