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How Big Data Solutions are Driving Business

Big Data: it’s useful, it’s interesting, it’s a little unnerving, and it’s here to stay. Companies large and small are leveraging Big Data in many different aspects of their business practices, and to great effect. But like with all new technologies and tools, data solutions require knowledge and a careful touch before employing them. Here are a few ways that Big Data is being used for business success:
Reduced Expenses
Big Data, or the information gathered from people about their demographics, habits, relationships, and more, can give great insight into how businesses can streamline their practices to best suit their employees and customers. With the ability to analyze what outfits people are sharing on social media and blogging platforms, clothing companies can predict demand for specific trends and accessories, and therefore can produce and ship the optimal amount for sales to their stores. The doors have been blown off of the accuracy and application of predictive analytics, and now it’s up to companies to utilize data solutions in new and creative ways.
Improved Innovation
These same predictive analytics allow companies to innovate like never before. Both producers of goods and service providers can brainstorm new offerings with unprecedented information about what their consumers want, need, and buy. Big Data applications can include risk analysis, market research, budgeting and planning, and beyond, allowing business decisions to be guided by information from the very people they want to target.
Customer Relationships
Of course, when business goals are informed by …

Leverage Data Solutions While Protecting Customer Information

Data Protection Is Here To Stay
Big data is everywhere and it is important to protect your customer’s data. If you’re not using ambient data to market to your customers, you will be soon. Otherwise you risk falling behind their competition. While customers want relevant, personalized experiences when shopping for goods and services, they’re also nervous about what big data means.  Is your customer information safe?

Leveraging big data solutions can help you reach out to your customers and make meaningful connections with your best prospects.  In order to do so in a way that benefits your brand rather than harming it, you need to ensure that your customers’ information is secure. Read How to Get Started With Data Security.
Protect Customer Data
It is beneficial to business when data is used to enhance the customer experience.  But one data breach or successful cyber attack could send the company’s reputation down the drain.  Make a plan for how customer data will be handled and stored securely, not only to comply with industry regulations, but also to treat customers and their information in a respectful and ethical manner.

Systems should go through a thorough information security audit, and any points of weakness should be reinforced. Cyber attacks are evolving to target systems such as internet telephones and remote workspaces.  A solution that secures and stabilizes internet communications can help to safeguard your company and customers.
Make Customer Experiences Better
The term “big data” refers to data collected …

How Mitel Connect Can Make Your Day With Intelligent Voice & Data Solutions

There aren’t enough hours in the day, and sometimes those precious hours are eaten up by, well, life. An important meeting gets hijacked by car trouble, or kids get sick on a day you just can’t be away from the office. Well, with Mitel Connect’s intelligent voice and data solutions, you don’t ever have to be away from the office.

When you can’t afford to halt work when obstacles pop up, you need a communication system that will adapt with you and keep you moving forward. With robust features like conferencing and collaboration and flexible mobility between devices, you can stay connected when it matters most.

Find out all the ways Millennia, as a Midwest Mitel provider can take you through your day, no matter what life throws at you.
Late to work? Don’t miss the meeting.
Don’t let a faulty alarm ruin that early morning meeting. When life throws you behind, stay ahead with Mitel Connect’s conferencing and collaboration tools. The calendar feature will remind you of upcoming meetings and allow you to join a conference right from your mobile phone. Share a presentation by pulling from Dropbox and hit the mark without leaving your bedroom.

On the Move? Stay Connected.
Whether you’re bouncing back and forth between your desk and a coworker’s desk, or you’re running kids to school or managing car trouble, with Mitel Connect, you’re not anchored to one spot. With one click, you can transfer a call from your desk phone to your personal mobile …

Intelligent Voice and Data Solutions: Benefits of “Find Me” Call Routing

The world of technology continues to explode around us, providing new ways to find and send information. And while many businesses today are working to create intelligent voice and data solutions that consolidate data handling, voice communication remains a necessary and important part of the equation.

The Modern PBX

Today, VoIP-based PBX systems have the capability of additional services versus just delivering a call. Because their fundamental structure is a component of a network, their service potential is only limited by what the system can provide. That means there are possibilities for not just voice delivery and the expected voicemail storage, but also the capability of adding additional services, such as Find Me/Follow Me features.

Find Me Options

With older systems, when a person wasn’t at their desk, it required another person to route the call to where the recipient would be. Doing so requires planning, scheduling, multiple phone numbers and a person managing the connection. With Find Me/Follow Me features in the phone system, numbers on VoIP PBX systems become mobile, and the ability to connect goes to wherever the recipient happens to be. Rather than an urgent call transferred to voicemail, which the recipient has to reconnect physically with the network to retrieve, the call routes to a variety of locations both in the system and externally. If a recipient is on the go, the desk number can be easily connected to a cell phone. And if the recipient is still unable to answer, the message can …