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5 Tips for Programming a WLAN Security Setting

A wireless network offers a myriad of benefits to small businesses that are not only limited to reducing costs. From facilitating connections to both wired and wireless devices to instant access to the Internet from anywhere in the office, the perks of utilizing WLAN are plenty. Setting up a wireless LAN is also easier and less expensive than a wired connection, which explains why so many businesses are fans of this technology.

Despite the advantages, the security of a wireless network is something to take seriously. Because of all the network equipment including Wireless Routers and access points along with dozens of relevant configurations, even a slight slip up of a configuration may lead to a massive breach of security.
Five tips for programming a WLAN security setting
To ensure complete safety of the wireless network, one can make certain changes to their WLAN configuration. By following these simple yet overlooked steps, any business can improve the level of security of their network:

1. Change all Usernames and Passwords

Believe it or not, one of the most common reasons of network security breach happens due to people forgetting to modify the default username and password. The SSID (Service Set Identifier) by default often happens to be the name of the service provider and a preset password which is “password”. Hackers are aware that users often forget to change the SSID setting from default, and so get easy access to the network configuration. It’s important that …

Intelligent Voice and Data Solutions: Benefits of “Find Me” Call Routing

The world of technology continues to explode around us, providing new ways to find and send information. And while many businesses today are working to create intelligent voice and data solutions that consolidate data handling, voice communication remains a necessary and important part of the equation.

The Modern PBX

Today, VoIP-based PBX systems have the capability of additional services versus just delivering a call. Because their fundamental structure is a component of a network, their service potential is only limited by what the system can provide. That means there are possibilities for not just voice delivery and the expected voicemail storage, but also the capability of adding additional services, such as Find Me/Follow Me features.

Find Me Options

With older systems, when a person wasn’t at their desk, it required another person to route the call to where the recipient would be. Doing so requires planning, scheduling, multiple phone numbers and a person managing the connection. With Find Me/Follow Me features in the phone system, numbers on VoIP PBX systems become mobile, and the ability to connect goes to wherever the recipient happens to be. Rather than an urgent call transferred to voicemail, which the recipient has to reconnect physically with the network to retrieve, the call routes to a variety of locations both in the system and externally. If a recipient is on the go, the desk number can be easily connected to a cell phone. And if the recipient is still unable to answer, the message can …