Is Cloud Computing Good for Small Businesses?

Is Cloud Computing Good for Small Businesses?

Like many small business owners, when you hear about organizations using cloud computing, you might tend to think that this kind of service is meant just for large enterprises. But small businesses can take advantage of cloud computing to bring greater efficiencies, help them scale more readily, and improve their security.

While the idea of using a cloud service provider for your small business might be daunting, you should know that switching to the cloud is a worthwhile investment that’ll ultimately help you and your team out in the end.

Read on for insight into how you can start taking advantage of cloud computing for small businesses today. …

Millennia Technologies and Fusion-IT Announce Merger

Merger combines leading business voice and technology consultants with a growing managed security services provider and cybersecurity firm serving the SMB and Enterprise businesses in the Midwest

Millennia Technologies, a market leader in UCaaS voice integration, and Fusion IT, a leading technology MSP, MSSP and cybersecurity firm, are pleased to announce a strategic merger of their growing technology businesses.

Get to know the team: Gracie Milo

The Millennia Technologies team is growing! We’re excited to introduce our newest team member, Gracie Milo.
Gracie Milo
Sales & Marketing Intern
What do you like most about your job?

I love working alongside my team members, being immersed in a positive work environment, & learning new skills daily!


What does a typical day look like for you?

Wake up early, read my Bible, get my workout in, grab a coffee, & get to work!


What is your background?

I am a fourth year full time student at Grand Valley State University pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Communications.


What is your motto or personal mantra?

Focusing on the positive in life & showing others the love of Jesus Christ


Do you have a pet?

I have two dogs, one golden retriever named Benson & one Shitzu named Brutus!

How to Determine What Level of Cybersecurity Your Small Business Needs

How to Determine What Level of Cybersecurity Your Small Business Needs

You and fellow stakeholders in your organization have concluded that you need cybersecurity. But what’s still unknown is just how much protection is enough. You also may not have a clear idea of what level of cybersecurity is too much, to the point that it’s negatively affecting your bottom line.

Determining the right balance of security and budget can be a tricky process. Here are some of the things to consider when determining cybersecurity coverage:
Establish the Importance of Taking Cybersecurity Seriously
Cybersecurity should be taken seriously; the financial and reputational risk of an incident is high. Everyone in your company should be aware of the consequences of criminals breaking into the system.

Hackers could copy sensitive information such as personal details about customers. They might hold your business hostage, encrypting your data until you pay a ransom. Employees may not even have …