It’s All About the Apps

To actually refer to my cell phone as a phone is a bit of a misnomer, since that feature is used the least. What should our smartphone actually be referred to as? The first thing that comes to mind is our Tech Blankie.

To drive this home, I will pull from my distant past, yesterday at lunch. I am heading to a Thai restaurant with my boss and two gentlemen we just had a productive meeting with. Once we sat down my boss, and one the other guys, we will call Colby, instantly pull out their Widgets to check email, texts, Facebook, etc.; you know the routine.  And I have to admit, I went for my phone briefly too. But I quickly saw the humor in the scenario and made a joke referencing the situation. The ironic thing was the …

VOIP: A Smarter Choice

You’ve been hearing for awhile now that Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is something every business today should evaluate. You know it’s been said to increase productivity and reduce costs for businesses. But what exactly makes the service able to provide all these voice solutions so easily?

The process of how it works is quite simple, the service allows users to make calls using the Internet instead of using a conventional phone system or analog phone lines. It converts the sound into a digital voice communication and then transfers it through the Internet connection. This is done by breaking down the voice stream into packets, those packets are then compressed and sent over the Internet to the destination. After the packets are uncompressed and put back together, the other party receives the message. This may sound like a long process, …

Is Your Network as Secure as Fort Knox?

Optical LAN provides Military-grade security

More and more companies are realizing the many benefits of equipping their Local Area Network (LAN) with Passive Optical Networks (PON) technology.

With single mode fiber, distance limitations are reduced, making it no longer necessary for large corporations to have multiple devices staggered across plants/campuses along with electrical to run those devices. Additionally, optical LAN eliminates the need for engineers to have to “open PORTs” across multiple devices just to add a device or a user at a far end of a LAN. With PON, the customer can control what goes across that fiber all the way to the end user.

After all, if it’s good enough for the Department of Homeland Security, it must be a great option for business. These solutions offer low cost, high speed and enhanced protection through secure optical fiber connections. They …

Tips For Creating a BYOD Solution and Security Policy

Bring Your Own Device, or “BYOD” as it is more commonly referred to, is dramatically shifting of how companies today do business. Because of this mobile shift and dependency, the desire and ability for employees to work from anywhere is growing rapidly. Many companies that wouldn’t dream of allowing sensitive company information on a personal device just 5 years ago are now reaping the many benefits of a having a mobile workforce. However, these organizations are also taking protective steps to ensure their data is protected with the implementation of a BYOD Security Policy.

The Benefits of BYOD Solutions

The shift to a BYOD world is happening because of a number of benefits a mobile workforce can provide:

Worker Satisfaction: Many employees today prefer to work on the devices they know and love. Your organization will also draw in better applicants because they are drawn to …