Mitel Now Offers Google Chrome App

Mitel Now Offers Google Chrome App

Mitel, one of the world’s leading VoIP and unified communications solutions provider, has launched an integrated solution that aims to deliver the unified communications experience across Mitel Connect, G suite, and Google Chrome. This integrated solution for the Chrome web browser will let you save time and eliminate duplicate work.

Now, you can join a Mitel conference bridge, view the contact’s presence, and place and accept calls via Google Chrome’s Mitel Connect browser extension. This extension for chrome browser is available for both on-site and cloud users in the US and Canada.


Benefits of using Mitel Connect for chrome browser

Easy contact search: Now, you can merge Google and Mitel contacts in a single list for ease of search and reference. By using Connect’s extension, you’ll have all your contacts in a single place with no more than just a press of a few buttons.

Quick integration: Mitel’s Connect extension integrates with Google Chrome in just a matter of seconds. Just install the extension from Chrome Web Store to get the system up and running and receive new functionalities as they’re released.

Improve productivity: Thanks to integrated call control, users will now be able to place and accept calls on the fly, schedule and join events, and view presence from the web browser itself without having to switch between multiple screens.

No extra costs: Connect is available for chrome browser with Essentials, Standard, or Advanced service and product plans at no extra cost. This browser extension not only aims to solve your communication problems, but also increases your savings.


Key features

1. Directory search: This feature allows you to merge Google and Mitel contacts together for a consolidated list, which can be looked up by name, number, department, or company.

2. Call notifications: Thanks to Toaster pop-ups you’ll never miss a call again. This extension gives you the power to either answer the call or send it to voicemail.

3. Presence: View the status and presence of your contacts to determine if they are available, out of office, in a meeting, or unavailable.

4. Quick Join: Now, you can join a conference hosted by Mitel with the click of a button. Simply press the call button within the notification pop-up or meeting invite to join in a conference. Users can also select their device for joining in, be it a desk phone or a mobile.

5. Conference Bridge: Adding Mitel Conference Bridge to a G Suite calendar meeting will allow the participants to use collaboration tools like messaging, screen sharing, and many other features.


The Bottom Line

“In the world today is suffering from tool fatigue with so many overlapping productive tools. With the Connect extension for Chrome browser, users will not be forced to choose between one over the other but can choose the place where they want to work”, said Matt PingaTore, CEO of Packet Fusion.

There’s no doubting the fact that Mitel Connect is a revolutionary tool that will make communications much simpler and effective. Millennia can help you get familiar with these tools and implement them in a way that will benefit your bottom-line. Get the whitepaper here to learn more.