Mitel and The Boston Red Sox

Mitel and The Boston Red Sox

Mitel and Millennia would like to welcome the Boston Red Sox to the world of Unified Communications. Yes, the 115-year-old baseball team based in Boston, Massachusetts, has chosen Mitel’s IP-PBX solution with integrated unified communications to carry forward the team’s communication systems.

This decision came after the organization felt that their existing telephony services, provided by Avaya, was starting to show their age with mounting costs of maintenance and failing reliability.

The club chose Mitel after deciding to explore modern telephony features to not only boost communications for staff but also improve their productivity and communication with the fans.

Why Mitel?

At the heart of the decision made by the Red Sox, there was a desire to shift towards a system that provides easy to manage solutions with little intervention from IT. So, the company began evaluating services offered by different vendors from the perspective of front office personnel, sales teams, season ticket holders, and even baseball scouting personnel.

Mitel eventually emerged as the ultimate choice because at the core of their design is a distributed architecture that is capable of delivering extremely secure network features across a multisite environment.

The telephony company’s key advantage aligned with the club’s desire to have easy-to-manage unified communications systems, and so this deal came to be. Brian Shield, vice president of IT for the Boston Red Sox said, “The goal for our new systems of communication is to improve efficiency and employee productivity, simplify maintenance, and reduce costs.”

He further went on to say that he is confident about Mitel’s capacity and estimate that they will at least save $25,000 per year on just managed services.

Benefits of Mitel’s unified communication

After working closely with an East Coast Mitel Partner, the club decided to purchase Mitel’s IP- PBX solution with integrated unified communications, Mitel Conferencing, Mitel Enterprise Contact Center, and Mitel Mobility. The benefits of this investment extending to a total of 700 phones were as follows:

  • Improved customer service on all fronts
  • Better collection of data through recording and reporting of daily call activities
  • Secure connectivity with off-site employees
  • Secure and resilient multi-site deployments
  • Easier integration and remote management of the systems

The benefits for sales managers at Red Sox include better data monitoring on collectivity, average call time, as well as the total number of inbound and outbound calls made at any given time.

“We are excited to have call analytics and other management tools to help us minimize hold times, make more efficient direct calls to sales, and integrate easily with our Microsoft Dynamics CRM system,” also said Shield.

Unified Communications – leading the way to the future.

Not only did Mitel’s UC (Unified Communications) system integrate smoothly with the existing systems but they were also able to begin using the new phone system immediately. All they had to do to get the system up and running was train their employees to get accustomed to the new features, said Randy George, Director of technology operations Red Sox.

He further said, “Based on the set of features, ease of deployment and management capabilities that we have acquired, we would definitely recommend Mitel.” The Red Sox are still exploring different avenues through which they can extend Mitel’s functionality in the future.

One solution to rule them all!

It doesn’t matter how big or small of an enterprise you run, Mitel & Millennia can take your business to the next level with all of their great service and phone features. Their unified communication solutions are made for everyone, and this is your chance to make the most of it.

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