Introducing Mitel Summit

Introducing Mitel Summit

When it comes to business success, quick and efficient communication plays an integral part that cannot be ignored. This means the standards are set very high when it comes to choosing the right telephone provider as communication through a versatile platform ensures that the employees can work together while being connected to customers.

Mitel has been providing all in one communication solutions and platforms for many years, so they are experts in facilitating business communication. One such revolutionary platform recently launched by the company is Mitel Summit, a true CpaaS solution for developing voice and SMS apps.


What are the features of Mitel Summit?

This development platform makes it easy for anyone to seamlessly create SMS and voice apps as the infrastructure and maintenance are already taken care of. This allows you to focus on creating “the next big thing” instead of getting tied down managing the backend.

Summit is made by developers for developers making it extremely user-friendly. The app contains features that will help you excel and that are, likely, exclusive to this platform.

  • The Summit Editor Web IDE lets the user deploy the development process with just a few clicks. They can also use the Sublime Text package to make all the resources available locally so that they can be deployed as easy as a push of a button.
  • The app simulator of Summit makes it simpler to conduct pre-deployment testing as it eliminates the need of ever picking up the phone. All the user has to do is run a test of the text only version of their app, and they’re ready to go.
  • Thanks to the extensive library of customizable starter modules, there is no longer a need to always start from scratch. These modules can act as a starting point for you to modify or extend the features of your app.
  • Mitel also promises that any changes to the Summit platform will not have any effect on your apps as they provide 80% code coverage.

How is Summit different from others?

Mitel Summit goes beyond APIs and offers a complete Lua programming language and flexible developer tools to give you the freedom to build as you like. The company handles all the tasks related to hosting, maintenance, and backend support so that you don’t have to pay costs related to maintenance or scalability.

Typical API-Based Platform Mitel Summit


The Summit Carrier-Class network provides enterprise-level quality of service to ensure maximum security and uptime for the apps that are built on the Summit platform. Additionally, compliance support for PCI, HIPAA, and SOX is available as well.

You can also partner up with the ever-growing Mitel community to build, extend, and to market your solutions.

Summit offers worldwide termination apps in 59 countries and SMS facilities extending to more than 200 countries. 113 countries also qualify for international toll-free numbers, giving you the advantage of cutting the amount of costs.

Mitel Summit – driving the future

Summit’s usage-based pricing guarantees that you never overpay and can manage the costs with ease. And, the company doesn’t even charge for standard inbound SMS. With the endless myriad of benefits, it would be a mistake to not utilize this platform to build and scale your apps. We will be selling both Summit as well as stand-alone through our partner carriers. Contact us to learn more about Mitel Summit.