International Business & Michigan VOIP: How it Works

International Business & Michigan VOIP: How it Works

Taking a Michigan-based business global is a big undertaking. From organizing the operational elements to staffing and time zone challenges, there’s a list of things to evaluate and coordinate. One of the items to consider should obviously be to determine and organize how you can effectively communicate despite the increased distance limitations. Thankfully, Michigan VoIP services partnered with a Unified Communications (UC) phone system can provide the collaboration tools you need to be successful globally.

Some of the features that make this international success possible include:

Video Tools

Face-to-face meetings and events are simplified with solutions that offer video conferencing features, making team collaboration more effective. It also improves the hiring process, as top applicants can interview from anywhere – without the travel costs of getting them to you.

Remote Flexibility

VoIP provides the ability to access call records and receive calls despite distance limitations, allowing employees to be productive from anywhere. One of the other major benefits of VoIP technology on a global scale is the ability to create virtual phone numbers for specific countries, giving the appearance of the local or global organization to your customers.

Improved Customer Experience

Even with increased mobile opportunities for employees, businesses still want to have a professional appearance to their customers. With a UC solution, global companies are able to configure VoIP solutions so the calls are routed to specific locations and even translated into a different language to meet the needs of the customer.

Money Savings

Gone are the days of expensive international “long distance” calls. The main phone system centralizes all the phone needs to reduce the cost of multiple phone systems and land line services in order to connect. With an Internet connection and a few easy clicks, everyone is connected – at a fraction of the cost.

International business is evolving – thanks in part to the many conveniences of VoIP and UC solutions. Being bound by a specific office location or phone wires is a thing of the past, as Michigan VoIP taken internationally gives the small business the ability to compete on a global scale at competitive prices.