The importance of having strong and supportive company culture can never be underestimated. You want to build one that allows your workforce to thrive, but you’re not sure what steps to take to get there. What if we told you that small business Unified Communications (UC) is not only great for improving business operations, but also improving your company culture?

When you develop a system of communication within your organization that encourages creativity and communication, and rewards efficiency, you have the groundwork laid out for a fantastic workplace environment.

In this post, we are going to explain exactly how you can use Unified Communications to make your company culture better.


1. Practice transparency

Transparency not only has a positive impact on employees, but the effects of a transparent culture influence an entire organization and the customers it serves. With key UC tools like unified messaging, video conferencing, and collaboration apps, employees have an easier way to connect and share crucial information with one another.

Outdated communication tools can post to be a barrier to transparency, leading to frustration and misunderstanding among your workforce.


2. Easier and more efficient collaboration

No company in the world ever succeeded without having efficient teams that work day and night to make the organization’s vision come to life. Unified communications can be the point where operations, strategy, and production meet.

The advanced tools allow stakeholders, managers, and employees to collaborate in real-time and better respond to competitive and environmental changes. Challenges in implementing new strategies are reduced by instant access to problem-solving technology.


3. Share challenges and successes

You gather the smartest people in the room not for them to sit around and wait. When you share the challenges facing the company, you open up to the chances of receiving brilliant solutions that would have never come to mind otherwise.

You can share challenges by coordinated team efforts through project management, video conferencing, and chat tools. Also, it doesn’t hurt to openly share the success of teams or individuals with everyone as hearing about positive results serves as a huge boost to motivation.


4. Recognize and reward winning contributions

Unified Communication has made tracking employee performance very easy with its advanced suite of tools. You can use these tools to find out how much each employee is contributing to your organization’s success. When you recognize and reward valuable contributions, it not only boosts morale but also helps create a work culture that encourages innovation and effort.

UC can help you do this through Business Process Integration (BPI) that works in real-time to provide accurate data and statistics.


5. Inspire employee autonomy

No one likes to be told what to do all the time. Micromanagement is inefficient and does very little to inspire enthusiasm and trust in the organization. Thanks to unified communication tools like personal assistant, speech access, mobility, and multimodal communications, you can trust your employees to carry out their responsibilities better.

When employees feel that they have a larger role to play in the company’s success, you can bet that it would lead to a better workplace culture.

UC has truly proved itself to be a boon for organizations of all sizes that need cost efficient means of managing their communication channels — but it can also be a powerful tool for your company culture. If you have Unified Communications integrated into the office network, use the five tips mentioned above to promote team work and harmony in the workplace.