How VoIP Helps Keep Patient Appointments

How VoIP Helps Keep Patient Appointments

Missed appointments are one of the principal causes of lost revenue for many healthcare clinics and are sometimes also problematic for the patients. As the healthcare industry is rapidly evolving with new technological advances, not being able to keep up with the changing trends can put you in the back seat. When it comes to healthcare innovations, not many technologies are as useful as VoIP-based phone systems.

This technology helps you to do more than just answer calls. Within minutes, you can connect with staff and the patients, respond faster to requests, and make use of patient data at your fingertips without budging from the office chair.

How can healthcare VoIP keep patient appointments?

VoIP technology is not only cost efficient but also improves the quality and convenience of communication drastically. It comes with business critical features that can be used day-to-day to accomplish the following tasks effortlessly:

1. Use automatic reminders: VoIP systems give you the flexibility needed for their seamless third-party integration solutions that facilitate automatic reminders. With the automated telephonic system, you can process appointment reminders at a frequency that can save both your time and the patients.

2. SMS reminders: In the modern world where every organization is fighting to gain the attention of their prospective clients, SMS reminders have now become more of a necessity than a luxury. Using SMS Reminders For Healthcare, you can ensure that your patients do not miss an appointment date ever again.

3. Call recording: The benefits of recording calls in improving customer care cannot be stressed enough. VoIP will allow you to record and store call conversations for future reference that can be crucial when talking to a repeat customer. Instantly recognizing the clients need also shows that your organization is serious in its business.

4. Videoconferencing: VoIP phone systems as provided by the likes of Mitel can also give you the ability to conduct high-quality video conferences with top notch accuracy. It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting in the US, a meeting with a world renowned surgeon in Denmark is just a video call away.

5. Deal with chronic patient no-shows: Patients arriving late for appointments can lead to a lot of inconveniences that may strain the relationship with the healthcare organization. But, with the use of healthcare VoIP, the frequent patient no-shows can become a thing of the past as the phone system will automatically keep them alerted on their appointment dates.

6. Voicemail transcription: The utility of healthcare VoIP also extends to voicemail to email transcription for a better patient follow-up. Voicemail transcription can efficiently send voice to text version of messages left via voicemail to any email address of your choice thanks to the integrated voice recognition technology that comes with VoIP phone systems.

One technology – many benefits

With so many exceptional advantages that a VoIP-based phone technology can bring to your organization or practice, why wouldn’t you want to make the switch to this efficient and more reliable system? Thus, it’s time to regain lost revenue from missed appointments as well as provide better customer/patient service overall.