How Unified Communications & IT Solutions Can Help Attract Millennials

How Unified Communications & IT Solutions Can Help Attract Millennials

Millennials are taking over the world, and not just only in a figure of speech. There are more millennials in the current workforce than any other generation, and it’s estimated that they will constitute roughly 75% of the global workforce by 2025. From inventing new IT solutions to pushing boundaries in marketing, the young workforce is doing it all!

The go-getter mindset millennials possess is the result of growing up with ever-evolving technology. It is a fact that this generation is the first to have used cell phones, computers, tablets, laptops, and other gadgets to complete day-to-day tasks.

The technological expertise they have developed over the years can be a boon for corporations, but only if they truly adapt to the “millennial attitude.” Unified communications can play a significant role in utilizing this tech-savvy crowd to their maximum potential due to all its benefits.

How unified communications can attract millennials:

1. By encouraging virtual relationships

Millennials grew up building virtual relationships all their life. From the days of dial-up internet and Rediff mail chat rooms to the ongoing dominance of Facebook and Snapchat, millennials have managed to find a place among them all. Naturally, they are more comfortable in dealing with virtual relationships that involve tweeting, texting, WhatsApp, social media, and what not.

So, if you want to attract the best pool of millennial employees, it’s important to provide them modern communication options such as web chat, video conferencing, etc. Millennials want to work with companies that provide these intuitive tools that they are comfortable using.

2. By focusing on fast computing

It is no surprise that a generation that grew up with evolving technology is fanatical about speed. The need for immediate information is so ingrained within an average millennial’s brain that they cannot imagine a life without the Internet. When implementing IT solutions, you must keep this desire of your ideal workforce in mind. Incorporating high-speed methods of computing such as cloud, instant messaging, video chat, email, etc. is no longer an option, but a necessity.

3. By having an app ready for daily tasks

With the rise of smartphones, apps have become a part of a regular person’s life. Millennials especially are accustomed to using apps to simplify many tasks that may range from hailing a cab to ordering food, to learning a new language.

Having an app that simplifies tasks such as scheduling a meeting, checking in and checking out of office premises, starting a video conference, etc. will put your company in a millennial’s good books instantly. Moreover, this part of IT solutions will also help make significant savings in time and resources across your organization.

4. By upgrading the existing phone system

Voice communication is essential for proper functioning of every enterprise. No matter how advanced smartphones may get with its apps, employees would still have to rely on voice calls to pitch sales and troubleshoot problems.

Some of the best IT solutions in the world have incorporated seamless voice communication modes that combine voice calls, voice recording, call forwarding, call waiting, speech to text conversion into one single system. This has eliminated the need for their workforce having to deal with multiple devices at the same time.


Since technology is second nature to this section of the population, millennials want to be involved in the digital world as much as possible. Your company can attract the best millennial workforce by “speaking” in the language millennials do. When you lay out the IT solutions in a way that favors the millennial work style, there is very little on the line to lose.