Flexibility Builds a Strong Contact Center

Flexibility Builds a Strong Contact Center

Like a great workout, a great call center functions best when it is tailored to your individual needs. Don’t let a stagnant call center slow you down, upgrade your contact center. Flex the muscles of your business and build a strong call center with the customizable features of the Mitel Flex Contact Center.

Everyone has different needs, and every business wants different results. The business looking to increase their ROI in the next 6 months doesn’t have the same needs as the business simply trying to land their first 100 customers. If your call center is at the heart of your business, it should be customized to fit your current needs, and have the ability to change as your business grows.

No matter the size of your business, or what size you want it to be, growth depends on customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction depends on positive customer interactions. Your customers don’t want generic messages and menus and you won’t grow if you’re applying the same solution to everyone. The right contact center solution can make it easy to personalize interactions and lead to higher customer satisfaction. Start seeing gains when you apply the following customizable solutions of Mitel Flex for Contact Centers to your call center.

Developer Tools:

Don’t rely on an outside developer every time you need to make a change to your phone system. Flexible developer tools put the power of customization into the hands of the customer. Customize your contact center solution or build your own communication apps. Get features critical to your business when you need them, not just when new products are released.

Easy Integration:

Already got a good thing going with Salesforce or other existing sales system? Our integration and open APIs make it easy to integrate with your favorite systems. If you already use Salesforce, you’ll get contact center functionality and Salesforce features to deliver functionality. You’ll get combined reporting, data sync, screen pops and click-to-dial.

Call Routing:

Don’t miss calls or risk the right call going to the wrong person. Get queue-based routing that routes calls based on priority and skill level, making sure the most critical calls are sent to your top performing agents.

Progress Tracking:

No workout is complete without that picture to track your progress or the numbers to show your results. Data helps you make better business decisions and real-time reporting gives you access to that data, instantly. With Flex, you can also get customizable reports so you’re only seeing the numbers that matter to you.

You can get these features and more with the Mitel Flex Contact Center. Find out even more ways our robust system can help you grow and flex your customer service skills with this quick overview of the Flex Contact Center.